#FREE EBOOK ê Preshit (प्रेषित) á eBook or E-pub free

Listened to Audiobook on Snovel Very well written and awesome conversion to audio by Snovel Kudos to team Snovel for excellent job Fantastic NOVEL.I LOVE IT. #FREE EBOOK ½ Preshit (प्रेषित) Þ A Si Fi Novella narrating aliens their existence in the universe I was excited before reading as it was recommended by my teacher from school but after I finished reading it felt ok. I remember my science teacher has recommended me this book back in the school days, have got a copy to read it in the vacations of my SSC examsa famous marathi science fiction by Naralikar One of the best science fictions in marathi The best sc fi novel ever Favorite in school days Takes you to a whole different world very good story.i should have read this book when i was in school I felt very excited by going through reviews but it ended when I read it Book is okay ,story was predictable probably due to lots of movies that i watched but then it was okay. AMAZING Beautifully written science fiction that makes you want to be the protagonist.