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[[ Read E-pub ]] ¸ とある魔術の禁書目録 8 (Toaru Majutsu no Index, #8) ⚶ ここは、学園都市の全女子生徒が羨望の眼差しを注ぐ名門女子校・常盤台中学。もちろん通う生徒は全員“お嬢様”である。その“お嬢様”のひとり、御坂美琴が体育の授業後に、汗をかいた身体を洗おうとシャワーを浴びていると、隣から一人の少女が声をかけてきた。白井黒子。学園都市の治安を守る『風紀委員』であり、空間移動能力を持つ大能力の少女。彼女は、美琴を放課後のショッピングに誘う。―それが、黒子の長い長い一日の始まりになった。お姉様・御坂美琴の本当の姿を知る、長い長い一日の…。お姉様と“あの殿方”が交差するとき、白井黒子の物語は始まるのですの。 Initially, I thought the volume would be focusing on Misaka, but it actually focuses on Kuroko! I guess it's kind of nice and interesting to see her perspective towards things, and how strong her determination to protect Misaka is, that she's willing to risk her life However, it saddeningly seems to reveal that she's not strong enough to go into their world I think this volume serves to give some clarification as to the idea that even if the others have desires to help out Misaka and them, their desires simply aren't enough against the bigger picture of things, which I guess is shown when Touma comes to save Kuroko, and Accelerator deals with the antagonist this time around However, tbh I don't think it really needed a whole volume to show that, so it was prettyyy tedious to read at times On the other hand, two teleporter types fighting against each other was rather amusing to read (as a break from all the Touma fights), but as usual, the volume still just seems like a build up for something later on, so it wasn't the most interesting in itself, and ratherof a discovery and enlightenment that Kuroko may be strong as a Judgement member, but she's still quite far away from being able to protect Misaka, especially if she doesn't want to be a burden to her I think I really liked seeingof the reasons why Kuroko loves Misaka so much though, it's obvious, but it's always nice to see people understand how much of a softie Misaka is and how she's always too considerate for her own good but that's how she is. My favorite characters by far are Mikoto Misaka and Kuroko Shirai Since this volume primarily centers around them, I enjoyed this book to high heaven. well written again but the lack of kamijou or misaka made it a bit boring at times