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@DOWNLOAD ì Calculus Problems for a New Century ⚣ Even in our age of calculators and computers, we still need problems that will help students develop fundamental skills and give them a sense of progress in their study These problems must be phrased differently, however, than the traditional lists of the past At the very least, they cannot be rendered trivial by available electronic aids at best they should make use of such aids to lead the student to greater understanding This volume contains problems written with these objectives in mind The authors have tried to emphasize conceptual understanding over rote drill Although many of the problems require the use of a calculator or computer algebra system, most do not A deliberate effort has been made to stress graphs and tables, rather than rules to define function, in the belief that real world data generally come that way The problems are organized in groups that parallel traditional grouping of ideas, making it possible to use them as supplements to most texts All of the problems are given with commentaries that frequently give a bit of history about the problem, as well as show how the question can be extended and viewed in a different context Our aim is to provide teachers with problems and exercises to challenge the current calculus student.