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READ PDF ¸ All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku Volume 1 ⚸ When Inventor Kyusaku Natsume Transfers The Brain Of His Son Ryunosuke S Cat Into A Top Secret Android Body, He Doesn T Lose A Family Pethe Gains A Daughter Nuku Nuku May Appear To Be A Teenage Girl, But Her Cute And Cuddly Exterior Hides Both The Superhuman Strength Of The World S Most Advanced Android Chassis And The Lightning Quick Senses And Reflexes Of A Domestic Feline She Ll Need These Abilities To Defend Ryunosuke From The Forces Of Mishima Heavy Industries, A Giant Conglomerate Run By The World S Most Ruthless Businesswoman, Akiko Mishima, Who, Not So Coincidentally, Just Happens To Be Natsume S Ex Wife And Ryunosuke S Mother To Call The Resulting Conflict The Greatest Custody Battle Of All Time Is Than A Bit Of An Understatement, Especially Since Akiko Has Stacked The Deck By Employing Mishima Heavy Industries Ridiculously Powerful Corporate Muscle In Her Efforts To Steal Back Ryunosuke Such A Contest Might Seem Just A Bit Uneven, But Even A State Of The Art Gunship Is Just A Cat Toy For Nuku Nuku Comes WithBound In Color Postcard Pages