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|EBOOK ♖ Ashtakavarga Simplified ☿ Within The Vast Ocean Of Knowledge That Is The Astrology Of Ancient India, The Ashtakavarga System Occupies A Unique Place For Evaluating Both The Static Potentials Of A Birth Chart And For Dynamically Qualifying The Effects Of Transits In Fact, There Is Saying In The Tradition That To Evaluate The Effects Of Transits Of Planets Without Ashtakavarga Is A Criminal Act Ashatakavarga Means Eight Fold Division And Refers To How Eight Factors Distribute Benefic Points To Other Signs Houses From Their Natal Position This Distribution Results Is A Summary Point Total For Each Sign House And An Individual Point Total For Each Planet For Every Sign House The Use Of These Totals For Interpretation Has Many Applications And Can Shed Light On The Strengths And Weakness Of A Birth Chart That May Otherwise Be Hidden