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@Download Kindle Ë Buddy ⚛ Welcome to the Puppy Place This Little Apple series features a lovable new puppy in every book And it s Charles and Lizzie Peterson s job to find every puppy the perfect homeCharles and Lizzie Peterson are very good with puppies They want one of their own, but their mom has never been ready for them to have one full time For now, they help take care of puppies that ne Another good read for my daughter and me Taking care of one puppy is always hard, but taking on to foster three puppies and their mother is an even harder task for Lizzie and her family, but one they are all willing to work together on We haven t read these in order, but my daughter enjoys getting to read about all the dogs puppies that get fostered and on to new homes She is ready to move on and see what adventure is next Lizzie and Charlie Peterson have fostered 4 puppies in the past This time though their parents have also fallen in love with their current foster puppy, Buddy Will Buddy be the one that the Peterson family finally decide to keep as their own I continue to love these books chock full of dogs and puppies. I love puppy place and this was a cute book. This book was good It is about a family mainly the 2 kids who foster dogs and rescue too This book is 5 in the series I would recommend this book to people who like dogs There is many adventures in all the books This one is one of my favorites because they keep Buddy the dog as there family pet The theme in this book is hard work pays off because they take care of there foster dog and show resposibilty and then get to keep him.