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.FREE DOWNLOAD ♃ Cicada Sing-Song ☢ The world of plants, insects, and other small creatures offers a wealth of fascinating facts and information to young naturalists who look closely Nature Close Ups combines crystal clear photography of remarkable phenomena, otherwise hidden from view, with clear, descriptive, and interesting text Cicada Sing Song introduces the little insects with the big chorus of sound in the summer Flutter by, Butterfly presents the exotic beauties of the insect world that go through a miraculous transformation before earning their wings It s a Frog s Life focuses on the little amphibians with the built in goggles and the permanent, widemouthed smiles Plants of Prey reveals the unbelievable world of the ingenious, carnivorous plants that prey on insects Spotlight on Spiders takes a look at the clever way spiders find their food and defend themselves against ever lurking dangers Catch Me If You Can highlights the most successful creatures on Earth insects that have developed some amazing tactics for survivalYou probably know the cicadas shrill summer chorus You ve probably found the empty shells they leave behind But can you tell a cherry nose from a double drummer, a floury miller from a green Monday Do you know what beautiful colors they wear Or what strange secret lives they live, deep underground, before they emerge for a few days in the sunlight