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!Download Ebook ì Colonized é After a raid destroys their colony, a small ship of humans flees into space, desperately searching for a new world to replace their stolen one Just as their supplies are running out, they find what seems like paradise a lush green planet with a breathable atmosphere and no natural predators Well, there is one predator, but the humans don t notice Her because She s as large as the planet itselfThe Queen is over two million years old, and after such a long and varied existence, She s too refined to eat Her prey That would be a waste of entertainment No, She d rather play with them and in the end they re happy to be played with In fact, they ll want nothingAs always, the game begins when the Queen chooses an Avatar, a victim through whom She can play the game up close But creating Her newest proxy leads to an unexpected complication Another human, one slated to serve as a pawn, proves worthy of a greater role Now the Queen must make a second choice stick to Her original plan or change the rules of the game This is my book, so of course I m giving it five stars But please, feel free to read it for yourself and add your own rating.