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~READ EBOOK ♟ Comrades in Arms ♓ A damaged cyborg soldier and an enemy alien fighter turn their backs on the war and try to escape But the human and alien governments can t tolerate the two deserters working together, so they join forces to hunt them down An enjoyable military sf romp An enjoyable and cynical one shot short story that explores war, politics, sacrificing others to save one s face, and comradeship in the least likely of places. This was a quick read but reasonably interesting I have read some of this authors other work This is consistent to his other stories There s nothing especially WOW about this, but it is a solid short with a decent plot and a world and characters that one might like to get know better. During an interstellar war with an insectoid species, a human cyborg regains his humanity after teaming up with one of the enemy roaches in a common struggle to survive. Excellent storyI didn t expect such a switch in the plot Left me smiling Another example of Kevin s writing skills and innovative thinking. As the title says a story about two comrades from different sides Of course this being Kevin J different sides also means different races DA nice story with a semi open ending that leaves you thinking Especially about how some conflicts really are pointless and could be avoided if both sides undertook some effort