EBOOK ó Creating an Antique Look in Hand-hooked Rugs (Framework) ⚣ eBook or Kindle ePUB free

EBOOK ó Creating an Antique Look in Hand-hooked Rugs (Framework) ô Details of basic design elements for the antique look Learn how to create or personalize a pattern for the antique style as well as dyeing techniques and colors used in achieving the antique look Includes information on background treatments, fabric selection, and design decisions used for hooking One of the most popular requests of rug hookers today is how to achieve the antique look in hand hooked rugs Author Cynthia Norwood helps you create your own pattern from start to finish transferring, customizing, color planning, dyeing techniques, and which cuts of wool work best Everything you need to know about different background treatments and fabric use is included medium versus light or dark and what affect the background has on the finished product An indispensable tool for those desiring the look of antique style decoration My gramma in Camrose, Alberta hooked every rug she had, as back in the day, there wasn t much money My gramma used my grandfathers old long underwear, dyed it into different colors, made her own patterns and made gorgeous rugs of various sizes I am fortunate too own two of her rugs and read this book so I can follow in gramma s footsteps Great book if you are an avid rug hooker like me