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Immediately after I finished this book I thought, I'm thankful to have a friend in Jesus.My mind has been defiled by all manner of depravity and I need proper cleansing.What is this book? DEAD INSIDE The title speaks to the overarching theme of emotional deadness due to either psychological childhood trauma or inherent sexual disorders In either case, both of our main protagonists are seriously disturbed and act on their abnormal proclivities.Their paths cross Listen, I'm not comfortable giving this book a star rating, unfortunately Thinking out loud, I feel like a 5star rating is an endorsement that bears responsibility and I don't want to be held responsible for anyone picking this book up because they see my star rating as some kind of approval for books of this nature.But I can't give DEAD INSIDE a low star rating because it's well written Chandler Morrison is an exceptionally talented writer and I won't discredit his ability or turn people off of this book I write unstarred reviews all the time for Cemetery Dance so just let my words speak for themselves without the surfacelevel judgment of how many stars it has or doesn't have.Every triggerwarning is employed here I won't include a list of them because (spoilers) but also because I can just say that if you think of a trigger, it's present in this book ALL OF THEM.It's not my job to make excuses for the subject material or explain them away by saying that all of the extremely graphic content is a vehicle for a weird love story and that readers can approach this story with the understanding that they must read between the lines or get through it in order to enjoy the story That's up to individual readers to make that choice for themselves based on their own threshold or tolerance for scenes of graphic imagery It's really not something to take lightly or be dismissive about.All of this prefacing aside,My own, personal experience was that I was totally grossed out by like 80% of this book However, Morrison's writing is engaging I found myself skimming over some of thedetailed accounts of specific actions, just to get to the parts where the characters were having a dialog about their feelings or the story had progressed past points of discomfort and I wanted to see what was going to happen.Honestly, DEAD INSIDE has a Tarantinoesque quality about it in the sense that it is SO overthetop offensive, SO overthetop disgusting that it's *almost* funny.it's as if Chandler Morrison wanted to tell a love story about two very abnormal people falling in love and finding a special kind of comfort in knowing that they have been seen by someone and accepted for who they are but he found that a little on the boring side so to really explore what that would look like, he made sure these two very abnormal people were abnormal to a ridiculous, obscene amount of abnormal.It makes his point about feeling seen and being accepted all the , precious?But that's MY takeaway You might want to just throw thing in a dumpster and let ferrets chew on it. I need a shower after reading thisor maybe a stiff drink.I can't say that I wasn't warned about this book before diving in but, honestly, I didn't believe my friends Nothing much phases me in the Horror genre It's an integral part to my identification IT'S WHO I AMWHAT I LIVE FOR But, strangely, this book had me in a dark corner rocking back and forth upon completion WHO AM I?!?Chandler pushed the boundaries and really got inside the head of a necrophiliac This wasn't some dime store horror book with lots of gore minus context This was a blatant F U to societal norms, written with skill, delivering a storyline that went somewhere went somewhere dark and utterly disturbing Do I recommend this book? HELL NO At least not to anyone that I consider normal, like your average Dick and Jane or f'ing Martha Stewart Luckily I have a lot of deranged friends thoughI'm just curious to see if they can handle it better than I did Now excuse me while I go crawl back under the covers for a bit. A short while ago one of the members of the Night Worms blog group read this book and declared in our direct message feed that it was one of the most depraved and disturbing books he had ever read Most of us were caught up in other reads at the time and nobody took that as a challenge Then Sadie, one of our leaders, attempted to read it, and while she admitted to skimming the very, very unsavory parts, she did finish it and find value in it At that point I was intrigued Most of my fellow Night Worms decided to give this one a go too, and call it peer pressure or FOMO, I decided to pick it up as well This book literally has almost every trigger warning that exists I'm sure a few are missing, but there's enough here to disturb everyone And it is sincerely disturbing Without going into graphic detail I will say that it's a love story of sorts about two people who have such aberrant behaviors that they are unable to relate to anyone else That is until they meet each other In a less skilled writer's hands this would simply be a book that people read for the gross out factor But Morrison is immensely talented, and thus the subject matter is elevated above mere gross out porn Instead, we have a book about two characters who are depraved but complex, and are written in a way that makes you look beyond the disgusting parts of the book to the actual story of their lives I can't exactly recommend this to anyone I tried to tell a little bit of it to my husband and I could tell that even just the basic story without any of the details was disturbing him It disturbed me as well But BUTthe writing The writing is seriously brilliant I wasn't turning pages to read the next depraved act, but rather I was turning pages quickly so that I could know how the story would end for these characters These demented, broken, depraved characters that Morrison somehow makes you curious about I can't say that I liked either of them because I couldn't fully relate to them But the humanity that I could see peeking out between the depravity made me wonder how it all would end And I can admit that I truly did not see that ending coming. 4.5 stars! Hmmwhat to say about Chandler Morrison’s DEAD INSIDE? Well, the writing is phenomenal Top notch, compulsive storytelling, character building, and vivid imagery Morrison is an untouchable genius writing about a taboo subject, gore, and deplorable characters There’s imagery that is way over the line and that I can never “unsee” no matter how hard I try We follow two people that find each other despite their gross idiosyncrasies so at the heart of it, it’s a love story Is this book excellent?YES If you know anything about me as a reader, you know I can read almost any subject and, as long as the writing is done well, I usually love it Can I always recommend it?NO This is an “enter at your own risk” situation There are scenes in this story that are crazy disturbing and beyond disgusting So why did I continue to read it? Again, I tip my hat to the genius of Chandler Morrison. Ahhhhhhhhh*inhale*hhhhhhhhhh!Ok, I meant to only read this for a second, but it got me hooked Included inside is everything I could ever want in a book Content aside, really well written When I grow up I wanna write like this I'd sayabout how I oddly relate to him, but I gotta go check the monitors.So very highly recommend that I think it should be required reading for all Pretty likely this dude is my new favorite author This book was amazing That scene at the abortion clinic, WTF I'm sorry but this makes anything I've read by anyone else seem like Disney i think Maybe I've come close in my own writing, but here is the thing for me.In splatter punk, there is a line between gross and fun, I think you need to have both I like Jon Athan's books and I've read Triana, and while gross, they just both seem joyless They just relentlessly pound the reader into the ground which can make them tough to get through I Hope I can or try to accomplish this in my own writingThis story, you are so much inside the author's and character's head, you laugh at his sarcastic quips and his dark humor while almost understanding WHY he does the things he does and you feel yourself rooting for the guy If you like any kind of extreme horror and are sick of the usual authors, check Chandler Morrison out, he doesn't get nearly enough air time as the usual suspects do Edit: after some time, I did add a star rating At first it was tough to settle in because the subject matter was on a whole new level from anything I’ve read, then I realized that hasn’t stopped me before So I sat down, shut the fuck up and came to a ratingSo, I’m going to do something a bit different here, a review with no star rating Why? Because I genuinely have no clue how to rate this, so I’ll do the talking, you decide if you want read it.Dead Inside, by Chandler Morrison, is hands down the most twisted book I’ve ever read With the description saying it’s not for the faint of heart, that’s the understatement of the year No book even comes close to the level this hits.Now, that’s not to say I didn’t like what Morrison wrote, that’s where the no star rating comes in, I’m genuinely conflicted between the depravity of the story and the excellence of Morrison’s writing This is a book about two people who don’t fit into societies norms, they are who they are, unapologetically A necrophiliac and someone who has a certainhunger I don’t want to say much .The concoction of the contents mixed with Morrison’s writing made this book a gruesome accident you couldn’t peel your eyes from Reading it reminded me of watching the faces of death videos on the internet some 1520 years ago, I was appalled, disgusted, but I couldn’t make myself stop either.The extreme was on display here doesn’t stop, it hits the ground running and just keeps one upping itself right until the very graphic end.Would I Recommend Dead Inside? Maybe? It’s definitely not for everyone, but I do think that the writing is excellent and it had me wanting to readfrom Morrison, just something with a different subject matter. I just finished reading DEAD INSIDE by Chandler Morrison It was WILD But I found myself really enjoying the plot, character arc/growth, and the writing style! This book is loaded with literally every trigger warning you can think of, but because of Morrison's brilliant mind and amazing storytelling skills, I was able to see beyond the gore, fetishes, and totally taboo actions I was able to (I hope and think) see this story of seemingly starcrossed lovers as they struggle with societal and selfacceptance, sacrifice, and love At least that's how *I*read this one! This is an author with a great imagination and a unique ability to craft a great story behind a lot of gross actions 4.5 stars and definitely can't wait to readby Chandler Morrison! (Pdf) Ô Dead Inside õ In this bleak and disturbingly erotic debut novel, iconoclast Chandler Morrison provides readers with a dark exploration of the nature of death, individuality, and generational identity Along the way, lines will be crossed, taboos will be violated, and common decency will take an extended leave of absence This is not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach Or anyone who enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey A young hospital security guard with a disturbingly unique taste in women A maternity doctor with a horrifically unusual appetite When the two of them meet, they embark on a journey of selfdiscovery as they shatter societal norms while engaging in destructive and abhorrent behavior As they unwittingly help each other understand a world in which neither of them seems to belong, they begin to realize what it truly means to be alived that it might not always be a good thing