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These introspective letters are written at the prompting of her therapist after Vanessa attempts suicide Her therapist has her catalog important events in her life The story unfolds in a way that resonates with all readers How certain events, your perceptions and friendships effect the outcome of your life Towards the end of the story Vanessa becomes a Christ believer and realizes how different her life would have been if she would have surrendered to the Lord and asked his forgiveness and received His grace and Mercy earlier in her life. Very thought provoking book. Too Christian for me.. ( Download Book ) ⚔ Dear Me ☹ All of us have made choices, both good and bad, that have had a lasting impact on our lives Many women spend their entire lifetime trying to cover up or undo the damaged caused by choices mad earlier in their life This is Vanessa s experienceIn Dear me, Vanessa wrestles with the guilt resulting from an abortion As she reflects on her life in journal style, Vanessa finds that she s constantly trying to repair her broken life on her own until she discovers the grace of GodDownload the Readers Guide