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@Download Pdf ⛏ Deflower the Boss Ë Tomoe is a respectable president of his designing company, but from sheer and strange coincidence, at Tomoe s rd birthday party, all his co workers find out that he is actually still a virgin Everybody is shocked at this fact since Tomoe seems to be the perfect man whom anybody would want to be with After hearing about Tomoe s surprising virginity, Koshimaru a man who is both Tomoe s best friend from college and business partner begins to feel a certain attraction toward Tomoe Is this the slightly awkward beginning to an intimate relationship It was a pleasant hour reading this It s not an extreme of anything it s just sort of like strolling around in the morning you enjoy the time and when you are finished you are no worse off which is precisely what we need some days I feel like I could on with analogies for ages Something about the imagery you can conjure up with them is just really nice