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^Free Epub ⇞ Design Ecologies: Essays on the Nature of Design ✙ Contemporary architects are under increasing pressure to offer a sustainable future But with all the focus on green building, there has been little investigation into the meaningful connections between architectural design, ecological systems, and sustainability A new generation of architects and engineers aims to recast the green movement for the twenty first century and transform design into a positive agent by balancing the societal needs of humans with environmental considerations Design in this sense is a larger concept having as much to do with politics and ethicsas with buildings and technologyDesign Ecologies is a groundbreaking collection of never before published essays and case studies by today s most innovative green designers Their design strategiessocial, material, technological, and biologicalrun the gamut from the intuitive to the highly technological One essay likens window unit air conditioners in New York City to weeds in order to spearhead the development of potential design solutions Latz Partner s Landscape Park integrates vegetation and industry in an urban park built amongst the monumental ruins of a former steelworks in Duisburg Nord, Germany The engineering firm Arup presents its thirty three square mile masterplan for Dongtan Eco City, an energy independent city that China hopes will house half a million people byAn introduction by designer Bruce Mau leads off a stellar list of emerging designers, including Jane Amidon, Blaine Brownell, David Gissen, GrossMax, Peter Hasdell, Stephen Kieran and James Timberlake, RSie n , Studio , and Work Architecture Company