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Very much an oddity two American Doctor Who fans travel to some of the locations used in the tv series Doctor Who Worth reading as much for the mistakes as for their adventures How to get to Leeds Castle Take the train to This was odd It seemed less like a travel book andlike a modern Blog The writers seemed to care less about what there was to do in the locations than the fact that Doctor Who was once shot there I don t think they even made the trips as some of the information w .FREE DOWNLOAD ☬ Doctor Who ♲ Do You Know Where The Fourth Doctor Was Tied To A Post Waiting For The Kraal S Bomb To Explode In The Android Invasion Or Where The BBC Went To Film The Zygons Spacecraft Rise From The Waters Of Loch Ness Or Where The Village Of Devil S End From The The Daemons Can Be Found Jean Airey And Laurie Haldeman Have Scoured The Length And Breadth Of Great Britain In Search Of The Film Locations Of Many Of The Doctor S Extraordinary Adventures Through Space And Time In Doing So They Have Unearthed A Wealth Of Fascinating Information About The Filming Of The World S Longest Running Science Fiction TV ShowSo If You Ve Ever Wondered Where The Planet Telos Really Is, Or What Race Of Aliens Lived In The Caves At Wookey Hole, Then Travel Without The TARDIS Will Prove To Be An Indispensable Guidebook