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A great boxed set I really enjoyed reading this series Thank you Vanessa Ravencroft for writing this exciting space adventure that I couldn t stop reading A new fan Great storyThe story is fun but parts are missing The first two books are not included The story picks up after Eric s first year at the Academy It s missing his entire childhood as well This leads to gaps in the storyline that the reader knows nothing about because of the lack of the previous books Otherwise it is a fun read. This is not the complete seriesI have read this series before but the original is no longer for sale I enjoyed the story of Eric Olafson and I hope that you continue the story and bring back the first two books of this series. Couldn t put it downLong book with a great story and put together well The story carries consistently throughout the book A great read. Nice in a futuristic retro kind of styleNice in a futuristic retro kind of style It s missing a few parts especially in the last book But a good read. Great storyLove the author all her stories are good Can t wait for the next in this series More Roy masters please It was mehThis book is filled with cliche and has an extremely predictable story line The main character is literally good at everything he she does and it seems the power of friendship solvesproblems than I can count However, despite its faults I could not put these books down I enjoyed reading them, for the most part, and will probably continue to read them asbooks are published. `EBOOK ⇱ Eric Olafson Series Boxed Set: Books 1-7 ☙ Buy thebestselling Eric Olafson Series, now featuring seven books in this epic space opera collection This tale of thrilling space adventures is one you won t be able to put down The Year isOld Terran Time The Milky Way Galaxy is teeming with life and sentient species Earth is now known as Terra and part of the United Stars of the Galaxies, a multi cultural mega civilization that by now stretches across two quarters of the Milky Way Galaxy and has a foothold in the Andromeda Galaxy There are overdistinctive member civilizations calling themselves members of the Union The United Stars Space fleet protects this mega civilization against external threats Eric Olafson, born on a cold world called Nilfeheim and raised under harsh conditions of a very traditional inward looking society of Neo Vikings left his planet to fulfill his dream to become a Starship captainThis is what Sci Fi is all about Reads like early Heinlein In the style of Space Cadets No esoteric problems but good ol blaster and space action with a host of relatable charactersReed TThis story has all the right things such as strong appealing characters, great world building, aliens mystery,andFran L