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#Free E-pub ⛄ Even If ð It was just a glancebut it changed everything Lillian Rodgers is recovering from a past riddled with shame Her life is in shambles and all because she walked away from her faith But how can she go back now Chuck Davis hasn t looked at a woman since the accident Has barely looked up at all until the woman in apartmentrounds the corner cryingagain Neither of them know in that moment that God has set a plan in motion A plan for Chuck and Lillian to change each other s story and redeem their past If they will let Him Even If is a story of unspeakable loss and illogical hope Hope that even if a life is mired in shame and rebellion, God can redeem it The only reason it took me 5 days to read it,is because I was savoring it When I found out Bethany Riehl was coming out with another book,I was extremely excited You are an amazing author and I cannot wait for your next book Amazing book Sweet love story This book was truly a gem I loved the redemption woven throughout And the sweet love story that unfolds I highly recommend this book