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@Free Pdf ⚜ Foundations of Amateur Radio: Volume 5: Getting on air (English Edition) ¿ In this volume you ll read about the perfect SWR, how to become a better operator, what batteries to use, the difference between a propagation forecast and reality, the phonetic alphabet, antenna compromises, Q codes andStarting in the wonderful hobby of Amateur or HAM Radio can be daunting Using low power with little experience is challenging but can be very rewarding Originally published as a weekly podcast, this volume contains a year of edited audio podcast transcripts, each article looks at a different aspect of the hobby, how you as a beginner might fit in and get the very best from the hobbyThe podcast came about because our community has a deep fascination with upgrading and gainingresponsibilities In these pages I outline many of the amazing attributes and activities that a beginning or aspiring amateur can discover with the base level license in Australia the Foundation or F call licenseMy aim is to inspire and encourage new entrants into our community and to rekindle the fire for old hams, to explore and experience all that we have to offer without fear of failure Here I share my own journey through this experience and explain what I ve learned along the way about the hobby, the community, the science and technologyChaptersDedicationPrefaceAcknowledgementsAustralian and other ExpressionsForewordDifferent soil types What radio should I purchase Amateur Radio FAQsCabrillo and ADIF file formatsPs of Amateur Radio be preparedTuning a dipole, bring your friendsHunting for the perfect SWRDelta Loop for Portable OperationRadio Amateur the local lunaticDo your thing and find friends to play withNames in Amateur Radio hobbies under one roofWhat to say in a contestPhonetic AlphabetsEvery Antenna is a Compromise Propagation predictions and operating your radioUse it or Lose it make a contact today Antenna CalculatorsGetting started with portable operationPropagation and realityWet string andWattsTools in my shackHow to get started in a contestChange one thing at a time Field strength and ChickensRadios are not quite appliances Picking better language to talk about our hobby We should stop requiring electronics to be amateursR diversity and Aha Contesting, something for everyone Have a look or search online at the previous editions of this podcastHow to manage your first pileupReviewing the introduction of the Foundation LicenseWhere did all the amateurs go Sizing your batteryThe humble dipole contraptionWhat is the best antenna Experimentation is about failure Whats in a Repeater Band plans and EdgesThe CAT interfaceLucky Lightning EscapeOperating ProceduresQ codes in voiceCoax impedance,Ohm andOhm, why is it so QRP When you care to send the very least What can you say on air Logging software what to choose Lower and Upper Side Band, why is it so Harmonics and calling CQA surprise might be just around the cornerHow to get started AfterwordAbout the AuthorAmateur radio is a thousand hobbies rolled into one I hope you find your way