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@FREE DOWNLOAD Ü Full-Metal Orgasm #69002 ç Full Metal Orgasm is a triannual indie eMagazine of original prose fiction sex in science fiction for adults Each issue will feature a number of short fiction stories, each up to , words in lengthIssueis the second issue, and features the following short stories Oedipoid Complex by David W Barbee A near immortal race of aliens takes sex to the next level After a high class prostitute meets the most despised alien race in the universe, will she need to reevaluate her lifestyle Who Does it Hurt by James Grim Desborough What will love resemble when we have transcended human flesh A dangerous beast hungry for the rewards of the flesh, chases his female prey through a post invasion cityscape wasteland Pleasure Station Sigma Update by Shon Richards Tune in and jerk off with up to date news on the universe s swingingest hipster fuck palace Pleasure Station Sigma But be sure to wear your anti laser silk boxers and pay your bodyguard in Magnum body condoms Product Development by DL Warner It s a brave new world where pleasure bots will take ecstasy and fantasy to the next level Of course, all this technology has to be tested before it can be released for sale to the general public and it isn t always pretty Bondage Bears Massacre Roadkill Bukkake by Alex S Johnson Two related experimental, terrorist fairy tale, sex fi shorts Gritty rhythm, post apocalyptic settings, transhumans, anthropomorphs andFive illustories Full Metal Orgasm The Summer Kiss , Let By Gones be By Gones and others by Dark Riddle various artists Post apocalyptic and transhuman flash fictionPleasure bots, space stations, transhuman fairy tales, post apocalyptic planets, near immortal aliens all this andHardcore sexual themes and situations Adults only