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( Download Book ) ⚑ Hypno Harem 2: Harem-Scarem! ☲ What would you do if you had the power to control minds End world hunger Unite politicians to stop global warming Transform girls who won t give you the time of day into sex crazy gymnasts I thought soWell, good news for you and everyone else who loved my December bestseller Woody and the gang are back, hornier than ever But our boy with the wholesome hobbit heart is beginning to worry he has too much power Is it turning him Evil He goes for help to beautiful psychiatrist Dr Roberta Crofts Bailey, but when she scoffs that he s a deluded nutcase, there s only one way to prove he really can control minds so Meanwhile, Emma Starke, fearsome MILF, is back on Woody s trail, hellbent on reclaiming her daughter Candice and ending his libidinous lifestyle Except Candice and her luscious roomies Sandra and Tiffany are perfectly happy as Woody s harem honeys They don t miss college at all, making good money as The Three Bares at an exotic dance clubOh, and I almost forgot, word of Woody s secret power has somehow leaked to that most sinister of foreign powers Yup, the country that gave us The Manchurian Candidate has sent a crack team of North Korean ninja spies after Woody and his harem Objective mind control Goal WORLD DOMINATIONToo wild and crude for your taste Not to worry This , word tale is just fiction, a made up story There s no such thing as mind control Repeat after me no such thing as mind control Very goodNow click the buy button That s right, move your cursor and buy the book You will buy the book