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@Download Kindle ß I only Like the Fingers of the Guy I Hate, Vol. 1 Õ Mahiro works at a model agency, and is a super career woman who caresabout work than love She thought she didn t need a man, until one day a cameraman mistakes her for a swimsuit model and tries to have his way with her And the man who calls himself Miyano is actually theguy that Mahiro hates Ok this one is better, the weird rapey alpha jerk who s actually a nice misunderstood stalker is a decent trope and the art is pretty good. Main character is repeatedly sexually assaultedMain character is repeatedly sexually assaulted until she comes to the conclusion that that is love WTF I saw this manga was high rated so I borrow it withUnlimited Who is giving this manga a high rating Rapists I really don t understand how rape could be used so easily as a plot device It doesn t make any sense.