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A concise and readable book, which is a collection of letters written by a Christian lady following a miscarriage As this topic is often rarely talked about, the openness of the author is refreshing and much needed Not just aimed at those who have personally experienced a miscarriage, it is helpful for anyone who wants to besensitive to those around them who have experienced the pain of a miscarriage. &READ EPUB ⇺ Losing Sammy ☠ The heartbreak of miscarriage is experienced by women all across the world, and yet, it remains an uncomfortable topic of conversation for many Expectant mothers are not taught how to prepare emotionally for miscarriage, and the immense feelings of loneliness and helplessness can cloud over Many women often find themselves grieving alone mourning their child they have never had the pleasure of meeting, but whose life and future they had dreamt aboutLosing Sammy is a collection of twelve letters written by Valerie Theng to an unnamed mother after she suffers the miscarriage of her son The letters speak of loss and loneliness, strength and courage, love and hope, and an overwhelming sense of peace They seek to encourage, console, and to serve as a reminder that these women are not alone, but that Our heavenly Father is indeed a gracious and loving God Although these letters were initially written with surging pain, I rejoice to tell you that I am finally at peace My Lord has indeed caused me to sing and dance again The season of grief has passed, and I am sure it will too for those who begin their journey with me in my time of grief For He is than able