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I really enjoyed this book, but at the same time I kind of felt it was lacking something More drama or something Yes I know Emma gets sold by her father and kidnapped by her husband to be but still, it wasn t enough in a way I felt like her ex fianc should have came back for her again I mean that had to damage his pride that Roark beat his men in a fight Or even Emma s father should have came back after them after Roark showed him up after the fight by grabbing him by his throat The way it went from semi drama to a ok wasn t enough for me.I loved the characters though They were well developed and Emma was so easy to love Her light nature is very different from most books you read about werewolves She s sweet and soft, whereas you mostly read about hard woman werewolves who are always out to prove themselves in some way Emma is completely different She was to be forgotten about, well except by her mate Roark, who doesn t look her way.All in all its a great book Maybe there will be another book that focus s on Emma and Roark and we will get the much needed drama that we missed out on here. (((Download Kindle))) ↛ Loving the Wild Wolf ☠ Roark Grayhawk is a lone wolf, a wild wolf, barely holding on to the edges of civility Even as a part of the Blue Pine Pack he stayed alone and preferred it that way He certainly had no time for love He has seen what love has to offer and he isn t interested Past tragedy had taught him a valuable lesson the mating bond was a myth Love was neither patient nor kind and he wasn t about to let the emotion tame his wild wolf ways That didn t stop his wolf from being drawn to the quiet and curvy daughter of the alpha The night he finds her caught in a hunter s trap cold, hurt and afraid he can no longer deny the pull of the wolf or the desire of the man The bastard child of the Blue Pine alpha, chubby girl Emma has never known the privileged and pampered life of an alpha s daughter She s used as littlethan slave labor to the cold and heartless man Forced into an arranged marriage so her sister can mate with the wolf of her dreams, will Emma s wild wolf acknowledge her before it s too late Contains explicit language and adult situations I really enjoyed this very well written and fascinating paranormal romance Emma has spent her life as a servant to her family and after finding out she was going to be sent away to marry Brad, a terrible man, she is going to escape and hopefully find some happiness She knows who her mate is and as he continually refuses to acknowledge and claim her, she must leave him behind as well Roark does not feel he deserves the love or care of a mate and even though he knows Emma is his, he will not stake his claim Roark does not want the responsibility of a mate but when he finds out she is to be claimed by another, he needs to decide what he must do to save her I loved the premise of this story and how the authors delivered it to their readers It has a wonderful blend of romance, drama, action and steamy sexuality The building of the relationship between Emma and Roark was well written I am looking forward to stories in this series and recommend paranormal romance readers who like quick under 100 pages yet enjoyable stories to give this book a try Booklover Sue Both characters are swimming in angst, yet the writing style uses wit and sassiness to keep the storyline light and romantic While obvious to both of them that they are mated, they both fight the call, feeling it can never be Fate, however, has other plans, constantly bringing them back into one another s sphere He is running from his past, she is running from her present together they stand up against the pack Alpha, her father While she may be a wolf shifter, Emma is like many women who find society claiming she doesn t have the perfect body and social role Rather than conform, she creates her own path Roark is smoking hot, but caring around some disabling inner demons I was interested in how they supported one another to overcome these images How they had to love themselves before the true romance could be possible I am interested to see where the storyline moves next. Hot Diggity DogWhat an amazing story Two wolf shifters that truly deserve each other and were made for each other.I was hoping for or an epilogue at the end but I was left to dream up my own ending And what an ending they did have.