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So, y’all should know by now I don’t do overly complex reviews It’s basically just a rambling of my general thoughts 🤷🏼‍♀️ But something else you should know, I’m not a book snob I’m not gonna be that person who is overly critical about the complexity of the writing and sentence structure, etc.🙅🏼‍♀️ Do I like the characters? Do I like the setting? Did the story stick with me? That’s all that matters to me! 👌This book. OMG sooooo many feels 🥰 I laughed, I cried, I swooned, I got mad I devoured this book! This is totally book crack!! I couldn’t stop!! I just had to keep reading it It was 4am and I had to force myself to stop ☺️😊 I love Lucas and all the Preston boys ❤️❤️ JAY FREAKING MCLEAN! OMG! I loved this book so freaking hard! I legit could barely even handle it I wanted to jump into book world and leave it all behind for Lucas I loved Lucas, I loved Lane and I freaking loved the Prestons!This so muchthan a friends to lovers story, because Lois and Lucas are so muchthan friends These two met when the were kids and experienced all of their lives' biggest and smallest moments together When Lucas’s mom died Lois was there, she cried with him, her heart broke with him and her love helped heal him Now it’s years later and things are starting to change between them Lois and Lucas are at a point where they either move on together or risk their friendship being forever changed The story is told from dual points of view and includes flashbacks so you can see every thought and important moments throughout their lives You can see where their friendship has meant the absolute world to each of them and you can see as they get older how their feelings really begin to develop and becomeThe most heartbreaking part, you can see how these two teenagers cannot adequately understand, accept and figure out how to make the next step I read this books weeks ago and my heart is breaking and swooning all over again at remembering this story This is a story of epic love and while I love funny books, nothing in the entire world is better than an epic love I live for books about epic love and Lucas and Lois are the perfect example of a love that transcends time and never diminishes A love that can heal, a love that can overcome anything, a love the changes you forever This book is perfection to me It’s everything I want in a book andIt’s funny, it’s sexy, it has so much freaking heart, and just enough angst to keep me sweating a little, but not too much! If you have never read a Jay McLean book, you are crazy and need to fix that immediately because this lady kills it with every book! There a few authors with every release I think this is my new favorite, Jay is one of those authors and Lucas is one of those reads! So lucky to have beta read this amazing book! ➳Cries, laughter, hatred, and angst All the feelings and actions Jay McLean makes you feel when you read Lucas' and Laney's story ➳After reading the synopsis you are instantly swoon over if you are a huge fan of Jay's or simply like dramatic, love at first sight type of stories Jay found a way to mix those two together and bring an excitement out of me with tears and heartbreak Lois, also known as Laney is new to town when she meets her dad's boss and the rest of the Preston family She is instantly drawn to Lucas, the oldest brother of all five Preston boys (Lucy being the oldest remember her from More Than Enough?) ➳Lucas and Laney are so sweet those first fee years of their friendship when they were just kids But even at such a small age Lucas was a romantic He couldnt express his love towards Laney at such an age cause he would believe he wasn't cool enough But internally he knew that his love for her is stronger than any other;➳And so without meaning to, without wanting to, I started to fall in like with a girl who would become my best friend My confidant My courage A girl who would pater crush my heart and destroy me.➳Something that I found rather fascinating is what Jay brought to mind about opposite gender friendships that evolve to wanting to bethan friends, is the fact that Laney and Lucas change their thoughts of simple hugging to wantingTouching, smelling, tasting ;)All with good intensions of lust and love Though problems arouse, and Jay did a wonderful job by acquiring those problems with a message against sexual abussive relationships as unfortunately Laney had to go through a period of time➳Overall, I enjoyed this nice and sweet story It made me cry so hard but it lacked some things that could be altered in other areas Thank you Jay for letting me read the book as an ARC!••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••➳Hero rating: 4.5➳Heroine rating: 4.5➳Sexual tension rating: 4.0➳Sex scenes rating: 4.0➳Sex scenes frequency: 4.0➳Plot rating: 5.0➳Dialogue rating: 4.5➳Storytelling rating: 5.0➳Story ending rating: 5.0Order Now ➳ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review 4 STARS Lucas Preston is one of Lucy’s brothers from the author’s More Than series He’s the oldest of the Preston boys and this is his story The timeline takes us from eleven year old Lucas through his teen years His love interest is Lois “Laney” Sanders whose father takes a job with Preston Construction and their friendship buds and grows through the years I adored how they were dubbed Lois and Clark from the get go and how their bound survived their childhood This is definitely a wonderful YA story ”And so without meaning to, without wanting to, I started to fall in like with a girl who would later become my best friend The story is well written and meaty enough to get to know all the other Preston boys as they grow up Jay McLean’s fantastic sense of humor and swoon worthy scenes make this love story something very special I would have liked Laney to have had a girl best friend or connectedwith our Lucy Yet I did love her connection to all the Preston boys Her growing pains and struggle for Lucas to see her asand how he was all over the place was well done I thought that that the author related the fact that their timing was off until Lucas got it right ”And so I creepily lurk in the shadows of her life (not literally) and wait for my turn She doesn’t realize any of this, of course, because she’s so naïve, so innocent, so Laney.” The story takes a scary turn and readers should be warned to expect some disturbing situations between Laney and her boyfriend Coop Kathy Preston, Lucas’ mother plays a small but very large part in this story and was an unforgettable and extremely impactful character The story has so many funny moments like sexing, the Preston's in the Bed song, Logan need I say , and yet there’s a ton of serious issues in this book and a love that these two finally figure out what to do with And I think, ultimately, that’s what true love is, you know? To want to be someone’s hero when they’re faced with villains To want to be to be the one that saves them To be their Wonderwall.” This book can be read as a standalone but I urge readers to try the More Than series it’s YA at its best and Jay McLean writes it like no other!**ARC provided in exchange for an honest review** “You impress people with your mind With your kind heart and humble attitude And while you’re a beautiful girl, your looks or the way you dress shouldn’t be the reason people are impressed by you.” Words of wisdom right here people!Lucas is the oldest brother in the Preston family, who we're introduced to in Jay McLeans 'More than this' series, but this book can be read as a stand alone (which is what it is for me since this is the first book by McLean I've picked up) Lucas and Lois became best friends from the moment they met as eleven year old children Now, years later, they're seniors at the same high school, preparing to go to the same college and enjoying their final year Although they both have feelings for each other, their friendship has always been platonic, until one night changes everything Trigger warnings: (view spoiler)[ Domestic violence, cheating (hide spoiler)] Jay McLean wrote us another wonderful story Beautiful, touching, funny and complex If you have not read this author yet be sure to catch up It will be for you a magnificent journey through all kinds of emotions.Lucas and Lois met when they were eleven That's when started their great friendship They spent time together when could and over the years their bond was only stronger They were for each other in the best and worst moments of their lives Somewhere in the meantime they developed feelings to which no one have the courage to confess.This is it, in short, without revealing much, because it's probably one of thecomplex plot you can now read They just grow up, make mistakes and learn from them in a hard way And they need to gain experience to be able to find their time and expand feelings for each other “Friends,” I say “Friends?” she asks I shrug “For now.” It is really 100% Jay McLean in the best shape All you have to read is one chapter of any of her books, and you'll love it I have read the More Than series years ago and still remember those stories They stay in your head and you can always pull something out of them for yourself She has a way of writing, it is amazing and you walk into it completely Her stories are sweet and emotional and funny and move you to tears The author does not treat us gently, but in return gives an unforgettable story.Lucas book is the story of young people, their failures, successes and first love They learn to live with lightest and darkest shades of life In the back, they have an amazing family and friends You can not fail to mention this, because it is a huge part of the story I can go on and on how amazing it is, but there is this quote that really could not beperfect to describe this book: “It was heartbreaking, breathtaking, and in a way, it was kind of beautiful.” ***ARC kindly provided for an honest review Thank you! 5 ELEVENTY THREE STARSReview @ Vanilla Spice Books Jay McLean is a new to me author although I've had her previous stories on my TBR for a long time When I saw that she was starting a new series I thought this would be a good starting point And let me tell you I couldn't be happier SIXTEEN CLICKS Eight seconds.That's how long it took me to realize I'd been in love with her for four years.Eight, lifechanging seconds.It's also the exact length of time it took to lose her The Preston family consists of seven siblings, one sister, six brothers Lucas is the oldest son and ever since his mom passed away he has taken over caring for his family, relieving his father a little bit from his duties His best friend Lois/Laney has become a sort of surrogate mom to this bunch of frisky boys Lane and Lucas have been friends for years And it's the same amount of years they have been in love, even when they were still too young to put a name to their feelings And so without meaning to, without wanting to, I started to fall in like with a girl who would later become my best friend Lane is the glue who holds everything and everyone together, especially Lucas One night changes everything The dynamic of their relationship and friendship and their lives Along the way lie heartbreak, hurt and devastation I don't want to give away too much of the plot I went in blind and I'm happy I did However please be aware that there are triggers which I will post at the end of my review in spoiler tags These two walk through fire for each other, even when they are at odds with one another Their relationship is deep and has its roots in an all encompassing love And Laney craves love So bad that one decision will change the course of her life What I admire about her is her strength, loyalty, strong will and backbone She owns her decisions and always tries to keep her loved ones from the hurt that comes as a consequence to her poor choice She protects them fiercely Lucas is flawed He has hurt Laney in the past, often without him realizing it because he is so tangled up in caring for his family and living the life of a teenager He also makes one poor decision, although I don't think his brain was involved You can look past it though because he is young and young people make stupid mistakes The important part is how you deal with it, what you do to fix it and if you learn from it for the future And Lucas does all that You can see huge growth along the way And I think, ultimately, that’s what true love is, you know? To want to be someone’s hero when they’re faced with villains To want to be to be the one that saves them To be their Wonderwall.” I adored all the Preston brothers but one stood out in particular and that was little Lachlan He made me laugh so hard He is all of six years old when we first meet him and he repeats everything his older brothers teach him He yells SEXING during a Shakespeare play or laughs about his brothers saying F*ck I think every mother would be horrified yet laughing on the inside And generally Jay McLean inserts a lot of humor throughout the story so that you are never overwhelmed with the angst that certainly comes with the main themes of this book We've had several parents complain that Lachlan's the one teaching their kids swear words Lachlan stands, shoves his finger in this teacher's face That's bullshit, lady! I am in love with this family This author has a way of writing that made me feel all the things these characters were going through, from the main cast to the secondary, that's how well fleshed out they were Lucas and Lane were relatable and lovable “I need you I need to love you And I need to love you right.” I am so looking forward to meeting the love matches of the other Preston boys, they will definitely need someone special in their lives as much as I'd like to make my opinion known on how silly I think it is when parents give their kids matching names, I can't Because:LucyLucasLeoLoganLincolnLiamLachlan The safety gang will have a field day with this one (view spoiler)[ Abuse, domestic violence, cheating (hide spoiler)] TITLE: LucasSERIES: (Preston Brothers, #1) AUTHOR: Jay McLeanGENRE: Contemporary Romance.CHAPTERS: Prologue | 41 | Epilogue RELEASE DATE: 01st November, 2016SWEET, HEARTFELT, A BUCKET FULL of FEELS LUCAS: Spoken in 'Dual Perspectives,' Past Present combined This kicks starts us off in the 'Prologue' which doesn't make sense until you progress further into the book and the horror all unfolds This author has graduated from the feels college with a diploma, she always seems to deliver all those feels in a tightly wrapped up box of emotions, as soon as you start progressing through the book, all the angst, the heartbreak every freaking emotion the author throws your way believe me you feel it!! LOVE HARD ~ LOVE FIERCE ~ BUT LOVE RIGHT If you've read the 'MORE THAN' series you would've been introduced to Lucas Preston then, he's Drunk Lucy's brother, he's the eldest brother of 6 siblings (Lucy, Lucas, Leo, Logan, Lincoln, Liam Lachlan) and this is Lucas's story Without meaning to, without wanting to, I started to fall in like with a girl who would become my best friend My confidant My courage A girl who would later crush my heart and destroy me ~ LUCASThis kicks starts us off when he's eleven years old, and moves through the ages until he's eighteen so it is a YA book, but don't let that hinder your decision to one click this.Going back to when he was eleven is where we meet Lois Lane and as the years go by they become budding best friends toto a breakdown of their friendship that looked like it wasn't going to get fixed I'd been in love with you since we were eleven, since I saw you coming down your porch steps in your Superman tshirt and your glasses ~ LOISThis goes beyond just friends to lovers, and these kinds of stories are my biggest weakness add in that it's written by Jay McLean and I knew I was going to be reading another winner Lois and Lucas's friendship knew no bounds, Lois becomes a big fixture within the whole Preston family, they all love and care for her as though she were their sister this is reinforced evenwhen the Preston siblings lost their mother. (Read Pdf) ¹ Lucas (Preston Brothers, #1) Þ In a sprint, every millisecond counts  When you’re waiting for love, those milliseconds can feel like eons  High school senior Lucas Preston has it all: star of the track team, a scholarship waiting for him, an apartment to himself and a revolving door of girlfriends He also has an older sister, five younger brothers and a father who relies on him to make sure those brothers don’t kill each other  His saving grace? Lois “Laney” Sanders, a girl he started to fall in like with when he was just eleven A girl who became his best friend, his confidant, his courage  It took only sixteen clicks and eight seconds for Lucas to realize that his like for Laney had turned into love   Eight lifechanging seconds  It’s also the exact length of time it took to lose her 5 STUNNING Lois Lane and Clark Kent Stars I love Jay McLeans storytelling she just pulls you in and grips you from the beginning Also there is no sugar coating the realness of her books, and this was just that OMG I was laughing, crying, in pain then happy a rollercoaster of emotions So what's it about?This is a friends to lovers story, I just love these books and Jay has slow burn down to the T Lucas is Lucy's younger brother from More than forever book which you don't have to read to read this but I did listen to the audible version before and that gave me some background information Plus it helped me to connect to the characters I supposeso, but this can be read as a standalone so it's not essential Still I would definitely recommend to read that at some point just cause Cam and Lucy ❤️❤️❤️Ok so back to Lucas he's a track runner with a scholarship ready for his next chapter in his life yet he has one year to make Lane fall in love with him, cause although they've been best friends since they were 11 or so being in a relationship hasn't happened yet What I loved about this book was the memories, the moments You get snippets into the past and then living with them through the present As friends you get to see how they fell, how they have been in each other's lives when growing up and how they wanted to be with each other underneath I'd class this as a NAso than YA cause there are some sexy moments that gave me just enough to hold on to, to connect to them on a deeper level but the story was first and foremost and the angst kept me on the edge of my seat I will also say there are some darker moments in this that may be hard for some although for me had me hanging on for dear life and holding my kindle to my chest because I felt for all that was concerned in those scenarios A father, a daughter, a friend, a sister, a brother, a lover I also loved the Preston family as a whole I'd actually love a story on the Tom Lucas's Dad maybe pre kids LOL cause we can't have it after can we??!! The brothers esp Leo and Logan I'm very fond of There's definitely something special about this series and I'll be recommending this book to all my book friends who love this genre, who love slow burn, who love real and love epic love cause this book was about about two halves that fit a whole and this was absolutely 100% a top fav of mine. That Is All ARC generously gifted via Jay for a honest review Forreviews and blog posts