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~READ EPUB ⚖ Markey Mouse ☱ I have been thinking about this little book for years, and I finally wrote it inHow can I describe it Perhaps, as an honest, somewhat philosophical reverie that encompasses the time betweenand , seen from the point of view of myself, a California boy As I wander in my changing thoughts, I also describe little Mark, whose changes parallel a growth in a wider understanding Mark comes and goes, even though he is hardly there, and in the same way, my own insight waxes and wanes, until it finally seems to get somewhereMark seems like all of us, contained within a life that is somewhat knowable and largely unknown, doing things that are sometimes rational and otherwise bizarre Throughout the tale, I constantly wonder about my new philosophical ideas that mirror the changing timesThe book might be called a Neoplatonic mystery, or perhaps as a really simplified tale utilizing Platonic ideas or perhaps as an unusual commentary on current Western civilization but it might also be called a simple recollection of the values that seem really important in any lifeThe book includes a logical Table of Contents, and has been correctly formatted for the Kindle, Kindle Fire, iPhone, and iPad It also includes an extensive section of Notes and Bibliography, with links to other suggested books and movies The book comprises approximately , words, perhaps translating topages of text a small book, easy to read, but one, I think, that will keep you thinking