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(((FREE EBOOK))) ☙ Mechanics of Mechanisms and Machines ☔ Mechanics of Mechanisms and Machines provides a practical approach to machine statics, kinematics, and dynamics for undergraduate and graduate students and mechanical engineers The text uses a novel method for computation of mechanism and robot joint positions, velocities, accelerations and dynamics and statics using matrices, graphs, and generation of independent equations from a matroid form The computational methods presented can be used for industrial and commercial robotics applications where accurate and quick mechanism robot control is key The book includes many examples of linkages, cams, and geared mechanisms, both planar and spatial types, having open or multiple cycles.Features Presents real world examples to help in the design process of planar and spatial mechanisms Serves as a practical guide for the design of new products using mechanical motion analysis Analyzes many applications for gear trains and auto transmissions, robotics and manipulation, and the emerging field of biomechanics Presents novel matrix computational methods, ideal for the development of efficient computer implementations of algorithms for control or simulation of mechanical linkages, cams, and geared mechanisms Includes mechanism animations and result data tables as well as comparisons between matrix based equation results implemented using Engineering Equation Solver EES and results for the same mechanisms simulated using SolidWorks.