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@FREE EBOOK Ï Nacho L�pez: Luna C�rnea Þ A frank chronicler of postwar Mexico s political contradictions, Nacho L pez published the most critical images of his time, in photo essays for magazines such as Hoy, Ma ana and SiempreHe photographed the streets of Mexico City, its pool halls, pulque bars and the grim Lecumberri prison, with an almost classical eye all of his pictures are rigorously composed and contain no extraneous matter, addressing only the necessary and the telling To achieve this concision, L pez would often construct scenarios, such as arranging for an actress to stroll past groups of men in the street and provoke their approval L pez s photos also have the special quality of appearing to eliminate temporal conditions, so that their subjects are seized in space than time In this manner, L pez captured the corrupt as they fell from grace and the disenfranchised as they defied their poverty with camaraderie and improvised entertainments This latest issue of Luna C rnea is a full length monograph on L pez, exploring all aspects of his oeuvre, including his work on architecture, dance and anthropology Nacho L pez s work is little known outside of Mexico today Luna C rnea redresses that oversight