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[[ Read Pdf ]] å Nantucket Weddings Ò Mia Maxwell used to have her dream job She is a sought after wedding planner on Nantucket, with no shortage of business But she is struggling a bit to get back to loving her job It has been bittersweet to plan other people's weddingsever since her own fiance died two weeks before their wedding That was a year ago and she was just starting to feel better, when she came back from a vacation to find her house burned down So she will be staying with Lisa at the Beach Plum Cove Inn for a while, until her house is renovated Mia's also worried about her younger sister and best friend Izzyshe has a serious boyfriend who has grown controlling over the past yearAs it turns out, there are several member of the Hodges family that may be in need of Mia's servicesshe'll be planning not one but two weddings There are a few road bumps along the way however Lisa has another longterm guest that she eagerly introduces to Mia She finds this temporary neighbor equally intriguing and frustrating and she makes it clear that she's not even close to ready to date She's not sure if she ever will be Another delightful Nantucket story!After I read the first book in this series I knew I wanted to read ! I especially enjoyed having so many of the same characters in this one while focusing on a new character It was fun to try to guess who Mia would end up with A very enjoyable read!! While it was nice to visit with characters from past books in the series, this was a much shorter book It appeared to me that the characters, their interactions and their relationships were not developed very much before we were rushed into the abrupt ending Disappointing since this is a delightful series. I enjoyed reading all of Pamelas Nantucket series in 3 days The series was heart warming Between the Clovid Virus andAfter the 2020 election craziness I needed a rest! Each characterIn each book of the series broughtof the same peopletogether a few in each book I usually prefer action books about the legal systems but I needed a change I was a small city girl growing up in the fifties and sixties in Michigan and the authors treatment of her characters evoked so many memories of friends and family I felt as though I went home. This is such a good book!I truly adored reading it!A heartwarming moving romance with old new characters you cannot get enough of.The story flowed seamlessly that I couldn’t put it downI loved every page.Mia, a wedding planner, returned homeafter vacation to tragic news about her home She is still mourning the lossof her fiance, but is ready to get out a bit Mia, has made a lot of good friends I can't wait for the next book!A DEFINITE MUST READ!!