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Amazingly comprehensive volume of silhouetted imagery, complete with CD ROM SOOO many uses [[ READ DOWNLOAD ]] ⇺ Neubau Welt [With CDROM] ↟ My house, my pool, my horse, my Learjet, my Mercedes, my wife, my toys, my trees, my garden, my cockroach Now it s really all yours Neubau Welt is an extensive encyclopedia of well over a thousand pictograms of everyday objects and obsessions large and small They were created by designer Stefan Gandl, whose book dsos was also published by dgv and has since become a collectors item All of the objects shown in the book can also be found as Adobe Illustrator files on an included CD For the price of the book, readers also buy the right to use the exclusive graphics and Neubau typefaces in their own work Reminiscent of a digital Letraset, Neubau Welt contains everything any designer could possibly need but couldn t find on Google Unlike ClipArt, the smorgasbord of objects can be enlarged indefinitely This also makes them extremely useful for architects and other creatives, who can integrate them into their presentations and visual models can you call yourself a designer and not own this book A wonderful and useful collection of vector drawings.