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the power that that has, the intelligence that that has, the clearance that that has, the access that that has, the influence that that has, the profile that that has, the international implications that that has leigh bardugo is synonymous with five stars, as far as im concerned.so believe the hype because its real, its here, and its very adult alex stern is doing slytherin proud the hot trend for 2019 is snakes on covers and it makes me wish i was a slytherin their brand culture is t h r i v i n g 5 stars ARC acquired at Book Expo in exchange for an honest review There were always excuses for why girls died Ninth House is a love letter to living and surviving unspeakable abuse This is a book all about trauma, and PTSD, and healing, in any and every way that you can This is a book for victims, who have felt they will never get the piece of them back that someone forcefully took This is a book for anyone who was willing to do anything to feel empowered after something horrible occurred This is a book about the dark and the light and the in between phases a human can go through to get their voice back.But this is also a story about a girl named Galaxy Stern, or Alex, who is from LA, but is now across the country and studying at Yale The book continuously switches back and forth from Late Spring to Winter, so we get to see what happened in the past and the ramifications it causes for present day Alex.In the Winter, we get to see her starting Yale, meeting a man named Darlington, and learning all about the nine secret societies at Yale, with secret, magical rituals that they perform Lethe recruits a new freshman every three years to join sixteen seniors every year, where they gain knowledge of the occult And Alex was picked because she has a very sought after ability, that she has been running from her entire life Also, it is Lethe House s responsibility as the ninth house to keep the others in order and make sure they aren t doing bad things.In the Spring, everything is different, and Alex is struggling with the weight of so much From missing people, to ghosts who are paying her too much attention, to a girl being murdered that Alex can t help but think was because of one of the secret societies, and she is willing to do anything to solve the case Even if that means making a deal with one of the ghosts she is supposed to be ignoring But the trouble had begun on a night in the full dark of winter, when Tara Hutchins died and Alex still thought she might get away with everything Sounds pretty amazing, right And I m telling you, this book s atmosphere, along with the campus setting, it was a perfect combination Also, you all know that I think Leigh s writing is a tier above most The quotes I was able to pull from this book They take the breath from my lungs even upon rereading them.Also, this book has a beautiful discussion about privilege and power dynamics Leigh does not hold back truth of what white, rich, privileged boys and how they feel they are entitled to any and everything, and God bless her for that Cycles of abuse and entitlement truly can be passed down, leaving terrible things in their wake, which will impact so many victims for their entire lives Unchecked privilege is a terrifying thing, friends And Leigh is not scared to go there, in the terrible acts they commit, to the horrible ends they deserve, and I really appreciated it, and it may have been my favorite element of this book Beautiful boys who should be happy, who wanted for nothing but still found things to take But you all are probably wondering why I gave this book three stars I m going to be brutally honest, not much happened in this book, and surely enough didn t happen for this book to be almost 500 pages I feel like you could easily cut this book in half and it would have been way impactful and way exciting to read As much as I loved the healing of this book, and I loved the premise of secret societies all about the occult, I just felt so damn bored by reading this book It started to feel like a chore to pick up, and this book took me twice the amount of time it would normally take me to read.It also started to feel so formulaic, where something really bad and heartbreaking would happen past or present then we d have 50 pages of nothing, and then something even worse happens, then 50 of nothing I will never lessen anyone s trauma or how they choose to write and heal about it, but this book just made me feel nothing and then immeasurably uncomfortably and sadness, back to back to back, and it made for a really not great reading experience for me Also, my favorite character was for sure Darlington, and I really wish we could have seen so much of him And lastly, the ending sort of wrapped this story up, I guess But it just left me desiring so much , and not in a good way if I m being honest.So, let s talk about the elephant in the room I picked this book up the day before twitter exploded about the trigger warnings I will be honest, it made for such a strange reading experience, because I felt like everyone was looking at me, even though I was only 100 pages into this book At the end of this review, like always, I will have all the trigger warnings that I found listed This is a dark book, with very dark themes and elements, and some extremely dark scenes Alex truly has horrible things happen to her and her loved ones throughout her short life I highly recommend you make sure you are in a safe headspace before picking this one up, because a few of these triggers are not my own, but they still really bothered me to read People didn t need magic to be terrible to each other Overall, this was a disappointment for me This was easily my most anticipated release of 2019, besides Queen of Nothing, and maybe I just put it on a pedestal subconsciously I do think this one will be polarizing upon release, and I have friends who love this than me and dislike this than me Honestly, I m in this weird middle ground where I loved the setting and atmosphere, but I didn t love the story or characters I will probably still pick up the next installment, I think I m just going to go into it with lower expectations.Blog Instagram Twitter Tumblr Youtube Twitch The quotes above were taken from an ARC and are subject to change upon publication.Content and Trigger Warnings drug use, overdosing, murder, death, loss of a loved one, rituals, gore, PTSD depiction, grief depiction, self harm, bloodletting, rape, child 12 rape it is only two pages, but it is very graphic , statutory rape 15 , sexual assault, forced sexual assault on video, talk of suicide, blackmail, physical abuse, a magical date rape drug, forced eating of human waste to a rapist , and racism always in a negative light. There were always excuses for why girls died To answer your question yes, it really is that good.Ninth House and I had a bit of a slow start The new world that Bardugo has created might not be set in a fictional fantasy universe, but it features enough new concepts, characters, and settings that it takes some time to take it all in Not only does every character have an alias and maybe even a nickname, so do the buildings at Yale And since all my Yale knowledge is based on that cute little courtyard from Gil Girls, I struggled to figure out where and who and what was going on As soon as I had grasped all of that, though, I was unable to resist the pull of this dark, compelling, murderous book.I don t know where to start The book was sombre and thrilling, brimming with ancient mysteries, magic, and the promise of danger The characters were incredibly well painted, my favourites being Turner and Dawes The plot was thought out, and until the very end, it was tense and exciting My only criticism comes with the one or other reveal during the final showdown Bardugo dropped enough clues here and there that the reader could have figured out who might have been behind the murder at the centre of this novel That is until the plot is twisted yet again and delivers an explanation that adds new possibilities that no reader could have suspected It was drawn up out of thin air and therefore not as genius as I had expected it to be.Now, be warned If this book is one thing, it s violent There are some graphic scenes that show sexual abuse There is trauma and pain and it s not glossed over I ve seen people get mad at Leigh because she chose to show these horrible acts of violence They accused her of exploiting the pain for shock value I cannot agree with them The novel is deeply feminist and shows characters with a past that is tough, that made them survivors Readers also have no right to know whether the scenes in the book are based on the author s personal experiences She doesn t have to justify writing about sexual abuse by proving that she has been in a similar position I do, however, agree that the book needs trigger warnings.I honestly can t wait for the sequel I mean, I personally don t care about redacted and whether they ll manage to save them or not, but the world that Bardugo created is so rich and leaves so much to discover that I wouldn t mind another three to five books It feels like Alex Stern only just got started kicking ass.Find of my books on Instagram ( Download Book ) ☥ Ninth House ☪ Galaxy Alex Stern is the most unlikely member of Yale s freshman class Raised in the Los Angeles hinterlands by a hippie mom, Alex dropped out of school early and into a world of shady drug dealer boyfriends, dead end jobs, and much, much worse By age twenty, in fact, she is the sole survivor of a horrific, unsolved multiple homicide Some might say she s thrown her life away But at her hospital bed, Alex is offered a second chance to attend one of the world s most elite universities on a full ride What s the catch, and why her Still searching for answers to this herself, Alex arrives in New Haven tasked by her mysterious benefactors with monitoring the activities of Yale s secret societies These eight windowless tombs are well known to be haunts of the future rich and powerful, from high ranking politicos to Wall Street and Hollywood s biggest players But their occult activities are revealed to besinister andextraordinary than any paranoid imagination might conceive The mesmerizing adult debut from 1 New York Times bestselling author Leigh Bardugo. What an incredible story Between the in depth imagination that went into creating the magic behind the houses, to the character development shown in Alex, to the surprisingly complex and engrossing mysteries at hand one solved, and one saved for the next installment , I have to say that this lived up to the hype and went beyond it Full review to come Do you ever just sit at home with approximately 9,999 books feeling like you have nothing to read because that ONE book you re dying to read doesn t come out until October 8th This book is just fabulous It has excellent worldbuilding deep, dark mystery fascinating characters that you root for even when you don t like their choices a twisty, original and unexpected plot that had me guessing all the way until the end Highly, highly recommend. NOW AVAILABLE There were always excuses for why girls died.i am going to review this carefully, for all of you who were too cool or too civilized to run for copies at BEA and have to wait for october to grab a copy me, i regret nothing when i first heard about this book, there was only a little teaser of a synopsis available, and when i finally got my hands on it, i didn t revisit it or read anything printed on the ARC i just dove in blind.let s just say i was unprepared for what this was i d assumed, from having read all the bardoogs before this, that this would be set in some fantasy realm which roughly correlated to real world locations, but was entirely fresh and new and magical so imagine my surprise to read about this girl kicking it in new haven and eating mamoun s falafel mind blown those of you who are better about reading what a book is about before you hunker down between its covers will be less surprised, since it pretty clearly states it takes place at yale, but it took me a minute to recalibrate my expectations not unpleasantly so, by any means.bardugo s first adult novel is spectacular and it is emphatically modern all of its themes of class and race and gender, all of the female rage and elitist entitlement, and alex stern, my new favorite character, teetering on that knife s edge of the heroine antiheroine divide never fear, there s plenty of fantasy and magic and all of the brilliance one expects from a bardugo novel, and DAMN, does it have teeth Alex felt something dark inside her uncoil You re a flat beast, Hellie had once said to her Got a little viper lurking in there, ready to strike A rattler probably She d said it with a grin, but she d been right All this winter weather and polite conversation had put the serpent to sleep, its heartbeat slowing as it grew lazy and still, like any cold blooded thing.it s a mystery horror fantasy cocktail that packs a serious punch it is fierce it is ferocious it s all sinuous with iridescent scales and fangs it ends on a promise of to come, and i NEED there to be coming, because i am smitten with alex stern I let you die To save myself, I let you die.That is the danger in keeping company with survivors.i will keep company with her any day of the week if she ll have me an easy five stars, with review TK, but to answer your final question, ms bardugo ME ME I AM SO READY 5 29 19update BEA will not be burned down this year 5 28 19every year, i have a few if i don t get this at BEA, i will burn down BEA titles this year i only have one 9 12 17leigh bardugouniversity secret societiessinister occult activitiesall of the good things at once.come to my blog Just realized this is an Adult book I m even excited for it do i have a considerable amount of books that i already need to read would i drop quote me on this everything for this if leigh bardugo wrote a 100,000 word essay on the growing strategies of cacti, would i also do the same yes, yes and also yes By the time Alex managed to get the blood out of her good wool coat, it was too warm to wear it Spring had come on grudgingly pale blue mornings failed to deepen, turning instead to moist, sullen afternoons, and stubborn frost lined the road in high, dirty meringues..That was in the spring But the trouble had begun on a night in the full dark of winter, when Tara Hutchins died and Alex still thought she might get away with everything