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Lovely photos and good exploration of the Ice Age peoples who painted pictures of bison, mammoths, etc in caves. #READ EPUB ì Painters of The Cave í A strikingly illustrated introduction to the Ice Age peoples of Europe Compelling text and vivid illustrations present the story of the CroMagnon humans who lived in Europe during Ice AgeIn this beautifully illustrated book for young readers, Patricia Lauber brings to life the CroMagnons of Europethe Ice Age hunters and gatherers who were the ancestors of modern humans Writing with simplicity, clarity, and sophistication, she examines all aspects of their liveswhat they ate, how they hunted, what tools they made, where they lived, and what art they created In every case, she takes care to separate known facts from theoretical conjectures, giving renders a portrait that is as accurate as it is livelyShe opens and closes the book with striking cave paintingsof woolly rhinos, horses, bison, lions, and othersthat were a hallmark of these early people, and presents four theories about why they were created In between, she details what we do know: the CroMagnon's origins in Africa and the Middle East; their push into Europe , years ago; their ,year overlap with Neanderthals Throughout, the story comes alive with wellchosen images of artifacts and artists' renditions of ancient lif For young people fascinated by cavemen, Painters of the Caves is a welcome resource This was a fantastic addition to our Art History class covering the very earliest nameless artists of the distant past A fascinating look at the possible whys and hows these paintings were created The layout was done well with numerous photographs of cave paintings and some modern artists renderings of how they were created. This was thorough and appropriate to its audience Short, informative chapters and lots of photographs. My children expressed interest in learningabout cave artists last year when we began reading History of the World v 1 so when I found this book, I snapped it up The children enjoyed it a great deal I took a star off because I thought the topic wandered a bit, but it was overall enjoyable and very informative. It is good.