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[ FREE PDF ] ⚖ Paranormal Sex Stories 2 - 5 Monster Sex Stories In 1 (Paranormal Sex Bundle) ⚇ Written by SLHartley The second in the Paranormal Sex Bundle series, and you save then % over buying these five paranormal sex stories separately Collecting tales from the Paranormal Sex Stories series by S L Hartley, this bundle featuresshort stories that are sure to get you going This is a must read for fans of the erotic paranormal, and anyone that likes their creepies getting a little saucy This bundle comes with horny Gods wanting their fix, a vampire threesome with some of your favorite characters, some sexy alien vagina action, foursomes, anal, hardcore and spookily good paranormal fucking If you re a fan of the weird, wonderful and sexy, this is a must read book for you All stories are written by S L Hartley, a well respected author in the paranormal romance and paranormal sex scene Expect engrossing stories that have then a naughty finish or two The stories in this monster bundle areFucked By Two Vampires Again Vampire A follow up to the popular Paranormal Sex Stories Fucked By Two Vampires and novel VampiricJess Green and her two vampire lovers return, each one ready and willing to pick up where they left off Join Hathen and Sebastian as they fill Jess up with delight in a way only a vampire couldA vampire sex story with bite then bark Romance With A Paranormal Alien Nellie is fed up with her longtime fianc Larry After one of their usual arguments, Nellie realizes she needs to go her own wayHer fears about single life are soon put at ease however, as a alien ship lands on her back lawn Playing host to a sexy as hell alien, things might just work out for Nellie afterall Who wants a ride in the alien sex shipAdonis, God Of Sex PartGod This is part one in the Adonis, God Of Sex series, a series of short stories featuring You guessed it the Greek God Adonis A seducer of women and a God that can make any desire come true As long as it s sexual that is This story is based on modern day earth, and seen through the eyes of Anne, a human teacher of Greek mythology She is one day joined in her class by new student Adam, a man of stunning beauty and a sex appeal to die for But could this student know about the Greek Gods then he lets onAdonis The God, And The Three Female Foursome God, Goddess The human Anne has found herself in the aftermath of making love with the God Adonis But before long, someone joins them in the heavenly fields that they occupy It s Aphrodite, a female God with unrivaled beauty Aphrodite and Adonis know each other all too well, and it shows when the two start getting closer then closeAnne looks on jealously, until another female God shows up to ease the mood But who will this final party crasher be One thing s for sure, they ve got a body worth dying forFucked By My Vampire Ex Boyfriend Vampire Claire is facing grief from her drunk ex boyfriend, but that ll be the least of her troubles tonight Turned into a vampire, her ex may be a bigger problem then she first thought Or will he Claire s ex is a new man, one who can give cock even better then before Join the two of their worldwind of a night into the unknownA fun thriller with a saucy end to it, this sex story is a must read This paranormal sex bundle is approximately , words long Enjoy this paranormal erotica collection, and look out for by going to the S L Hartley author page New monster sex stories and series coming every week