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[[ Read Epub ]] ë Penthouse Letters Presents Swinging & Swapping Õ Penthouse has been entertaining and stimulating readers around the globe sinceDelving deep into our inspiring treasure trove of sexual fact and fiction, Penthouse presents the best and bawdiest material plucked from the pages of our magazines Penthouse, Penthouse Forum, Penthouse Letters, and Penthouse Variations From sizzling erotica to provocative articles to torrid tell alls from our readers, these eye opening books are sure to inspire, amuse and arouse Adding some extra spice in the bedroom is what these carnal couples have in mind These eight titillating tales of swinging swapping, as told by our Penthouse readers, will have your blood pumping and your mind whirling with desire Inviting another couple to join you and your spouse in some bawdy sex play might be considered taboo to some, but these lusty lovers obviously believe that the the merrier Share in their joy and let your mind wander , words