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I bought this for the Sookie and Black Jewels story which was ok but some other the others were really weird.The Price by Anne Bishop This little story is in the Black Jewel world Jaenelle and Daemon are on there honeymoon and Surreal is in the city enjoying her day when three Warlord Prince are killed without any reason Prince Rainier comes to meet the three Warlords but finds Surreal in a room splattered with body parts and blood In blood society murder isn t punishable Surreal and Rainier investigates the murders after a young yellow jewelled Warlord is almost attack Love this short story about Surreal and Rainier Wish Anne Bishop would do short story with the other minor characters in the Black Jewels series Fairy Dust by Charlaine HarrisSookie is asked by Claudine and Claude to read some people s minds that they think killed there triplet Claudia Nice little short story in the Sookie Stackhouse series my review is only for Fairy Dust Sookie Stackhouse 4.1 by Charlaine Harris I found this one at the used bookstore and snapped it up This collection is a good way to get introduced to the occult detective sub genre of urban fantasy It has a nice mix of stories, including a Simon R Green Nightside story and a Charlaine Harris Sookie Stackhouse story, which actually encouraged me to finally start reading this series In fact, I like this short story better than the first book in the series Dead Until Dark Probably because it had some faery elements lacking in the first book Additionally there is a tale from Anne Bishop s Black Jewels universe that intrigued me Although the concepts of her world are very complicated, this short story was written in such a way that I could enjoy it without having read the Black Jewels trilogy I made a note to pick this series up Some of the stories weren t as fantastic as I wished, but had elements of fantasy and a strong mystery I didn t dislike any story in this collection, but the Nightside story was clearly my favorite no surprise there. A rather weak anthology of short stories combining murder mystery and fantasy The best story was the first one, Cold Spell by Donna Andrews Andrews is a competent mystery writer, so the quality of her story came as no surprise But the mediocrity of the other stories, despite some stellar authors names included in the collection, was disappointing. ( EBOOK ) ♭ Powers of Detection: Stories of Mystery & Fantasy ☪ This one of a kind collection features stories from some of the biggest names in mystery and fantasy blending the genres into a unique hybrid where PIs may wear wizard s robes and criminals may really be monstersSit in on a modern day witch s trial, visit the halls of a magical boarding school with murder on the curriculum, spend some time with Sookie Stackhouse, visit London s hidden world of the Nightside, and become spellbound with eight tales of magical mysteryIntroduction Dana StabenowCold Spell Donna AndrewsThe Nightside, Needless to Say Simon R GreenLovely John StraleyThe Price Anne BishopFairy Dust Charlaine HarrisThe Judgement Anne PerryThe Sorcerer s Assassin Sharon ShinnThe Boy Who Chased Seagulls Michael ArmstrongPalimpsest Laura Anne GilmanThe Death of Clickclickwhistle Mike DOoganCairene Dawn Jay CaselbergJustice is a Two edged Sword Dana StabenowAbout the Authors I have read this book countless time over the years since its release It s one of my favorite anthologies full of stories about murder in fantasy settings I ll review each story individually As of today, September 4, 2015, I ve read four stories My plan is to read the others sometime in the next few days weeks Maybe one per night will be workable Cold Spell by Donna Andrews Read 09 02 2015 outstanding amazing I think this is my most favorite story in the book I always end it chuckling In this story, Master Justinian, the Maestro at Westmarch College a college for mages , is called up to the local castle to solve a murder Unfortunately, he has a cold view spoiler Every time he sneezes, his magic does something that his apprentice, young Gwynn, must then correct One sneeze sets his teacup to floating, another turns the bats into unusual colors some even striped , and the final sneeze of the story, which sets me to chuckling, turns himself into a tiny blue goblin hide spoiler Cold Spell by Donna Andrews 6 21 2006The Nightside, needless to say by Simon R Green Not John Turner, but Larry Oblivion read 22 2006Lovely by John Straley 6 25 2006The Price by Anne Bishop was coolFairy Dust by Charlaine Harris is why I bought the book Sookie Stackhouse 6 28 2006The Judgement Anne Perry 6 29 2006The Sorcerer s Assassin Sharon Shinn 7 1 2006The Boy Who Chased Seagulls Michael Armstrong 7 3 2006Palimpsest Laura Anne Gilman 7 5 2006The Death of Clickclickwhistle Mike Doogan 7 6 2006Cairene Dawn Jay Caselberg 7 8 2006Justice is a Two edged Sword Dana Stabenow 7 9 2006 A nice mix of urban fantasy, horror, fantasy and science fiction around a common theme I can t say I liked EVERY story, but I liked the majority of them which means I am keeping this one I originally bought this for the short story, The Price , by Anne Bishop that features one of my favorite characters from her Black Trilogy, Surreal This short story is reprinted in the hardcover, THE TANGLED WEB so no need to get this book for the story now It is one of my favorite stories by Ms Bishop A lady who gets vengence with a twist I also enjoyed Charlaine Harris s short story Fairy Dust I HIGHLY recommend reading it before reading DEFINITELY DEAD as it will shed some light on that story It wasn t her best work as I think she does better with full novel length, but I enjoyed the twist with the siblings Claudine and Claude It worked for me as a short story.This book also marked my first exposure to Simon R Green s Nightside work that everyone kept recommending to me It was different A little predictable on the mystery and a bit gross at the beginning Got my interest up to give his other books in the series a try.Mike Doogan s The Death of Clickclickwhistle was okay and the only sci fi mystery of the lot Not hard science fiction, but fun in its own way This also marked my first time reading a Sharon Shinn story The Sorcerer s Assassin I liked it well enough to try her other stories though going by some reviews by her fans, it is very different from her normal fair Laura Anne Gilman s Palimpsest was okay As was the rest Some made of an impression than others There was one I really didn t like And there was one author,Michael Armstrong s The Boy Who Chased Seagulls which was a tad creepy at the end A good moral lesson though not much of a mystery I need to check out of his work. Unlike some paranormal urban fantasy where the alleged detective never detects, the lead characters in this short story collection actually do some detection They might use a spell, or draw on ley lines or the like, but they do use their intelligence to find the evil doer The Simon Green Nihgtside short cotninues my trend of liking Green s short stories, but not overly enjoying his novels With the Nightside tales I wonder if it is because John Taylor isn t much of a protagnosit, and the one off charaters in the shorts work better for me.Dana Stabenow is better known for her Kate Shugak Alaskan mysteries, but she does not a nice bit of world building and intriduces us to the well paired investigator duo of Crowfoot and Sharyn This tale worked very well, even though some might consider the justice brutal, but I would argue necessary because of events that had taken place in that world.If you like Harry Potter Cold Spell and The Sorcerer s Assassin could be to your tatste as both take place at colleges for wizards Cold Spell features one of the apprentices to a master mage, while Sharon Shinn s The Sorcerer s Assassin features a head mistress who wellthink McGonagall but smarter and meaner.And, for Sookie stackhouse fans she has a short here also.Stanebow edited oth this collection and a second, Unusual Suspects which I had read previously That maintained the theme I suggest seeking out both, and Suspects includes return appearance by Crowfoot and Sharryn, Gwyn from Cold Spell, and possibly my favorite Nightside story by Simon Green. Fairy Dust by Charlaine HarrisThe Price by Anne Bishop