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!Read Pdf ⚟ Pretty Pet Set: Teacher, Daddy, Doctor Trilogy ð Sexy, forbidden, it s all here in this erotic trilogy Follow Gilly as she moves from one overpowering man to the next Teacher s Pretty Pet Gilly is in trouble with her Professor because her grades are falling Fortunately, he wants to be extra helpful in setting her straight Daddy s Pretty Pet Gilly s in trouble with her Step Daddy He wants to know all the dirty details of what Mr Blackwell did to his little girl She s frightened when he pulls her panties down and thoroughly inspects her But her fear changes to excitement Gilly wishes he d do it again She imagines him touching her down there She doesn t have to wait long Happily, both she and her Daddy get their wildest sexual fantasies fulfilled in a very naughty way Doctor s Pretty PetWhen Gilly and her step father are caught in a compromising position by the handsome yet intimidating Dr Aaron Steele, she s terrified And with good reason what if the doctor exposes their secret But the doctor has much bigger plans Plans that involve blackmail And the price of his blackmail Gilly s full cooperation She must allow him to take her to his exclusive, upscale office, outfitted with every device imaginable, and use her however he wants Quick read about a naive, but sexually aware girl who is taken advantage of by the older men in her life The imagery in the book was stimulating.