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|DOWNLOAD EBOOK ⚖ Ps Desserts ☣ A step by step guide to mastering the basics of decadent dessert making, followed by recipes to make the most of these techniques For dessert addicts who want to learn how to create masterpieces at home, this guide begins with a comprehensive section explaining basic techniques such as making puff pastry, chocolate sponge, meringue, creme p tiss rie, panna cotta, ice creams, and sorbets A section dedicated to chocolate explains how to make ganache and decorations With full color photography detailing each step, the basics section is an invaluable resource The recipe section follows on from the techniques, with delicious recipes that are sure to become instant favorites, including Lemon Tart Tiramisu, Raspberry and Chocolate Delice Brownie Ice Cream, and Pineapple Donuts Includes metric measurements with conversion chart