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!Download ♔ Rabbi Akiba's Messiah ♪ It is not easy to overestimate the significance of the Bar Kokhba Revolt Because of its long term consequences, it may well be considered the greatest tragedy in Jewish history It is the most defining It set the stage for what became an endless procession of Jewish suffering down to, including, and beyond the Holocaust The disaster was further compounded by the fact that Rabbi Akiba, the father of rabbinic Judaism, proclaimed Bar Kokhba, the leader of the rebellion, to be God s Anointed, the Messiah In the eighteen hundred and fifty years since, as students of History and various religious persuasions have studied the sparse and sometimes conflicting evidence, one puzzling question always emerges As Franz Rosenzweig expressed it, Why did even the wisest teacher of his age fall for the false messiah, Bar Kochba, in the time of Hadrian This book answers that question ElijahPublishing An interesting read with the most interesting argument being why did Akiba proclaim Bar Kochba the messiah and why that pronouncement did not make him a villain since the end result of that rebellion was the effective end of vibrant Jewish life in Israel Which is not completely accurate He argues it was because Akiba saw Christianity as a bigger threat than Rome and that by way of this declaration he ensured a parting of the ways Interesting though I wondered if there was a hidden agenda here Very interesting and thought provoking, albeit a bit heavy to read It is refreshing to see a Christian critical view if rabbi Akiva Most Christians don t even know who rabbi Akiva is I see this as one side of the argument, and I will be reading litterature praising Akiva to get a balanced view I agree with many of the ideas, but one also needs to keep in mind that the author has an agenda, and sometimes I think he exaggerates Akiva s ability to foresee what would happen. Good history of the Bar Kochba revolt, and an unflinching and unflattering look at the origins of rabbinic authority However, the leap of logic the author makes toward the end of the book that if Kochba was not the Jewish messiah then Jesus was is not supported by any evidence or reasoning. Really good REALLY in depth I could see how his writing style changes if he s writing to the church or to Jews A good balance for copernicus.