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#FREE PDF ⛏ Radio Theory Handbook. Beginner to Advanced. (English Edition) ¿ This book starts at beginner level, building the foundations of Electricity, AC Theory and Radio Theory These foundations are progressively and slowly built upon and culminate at a solid Advanced Level This is an ideal study program for those wanting an understanding electrical and radio theory This study is suitable for Radio Technicians, Electrical Technicians, Technical Officers Also suitable for those seeking to gain a qualification from Beginner to Advanced Radio Amateur Experimenter in any country The book aims to provide a clear understanding of concepts The goal is learning rather than memorising The mathematics used is typical of Radio Technician level The book exceeds the standard prescribed by CEPT TR Ron Bertrand has a broad experience in the Radio Communications and related industries With overyears experience involved in the delivery of training programs to technical trainees, technical officers and radio amateur experimenters InRon founded the Radio Electronics School RES in Australia RES is an organisation of volunteer mentors and is not for profit RES has worked together with many thousands of students of all ages to help them achieve their goals Such goals could be anything from a hobby to a career in radiocommunications RES is an online school and can be found at res