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I WILL ALWAYS LOVE, HONOR, PROTECT, AND CHERISH YOUThis is part two of the story of Ciaran O’Connor and Katherine Franklin, as they fall in love, marry and their life Katie learns that all the O’Connor men are dominant, protective and they do not back down Secrets of Katie’s life from college still haunt her, but she won’t open up and share everything until a major incident happens We see so muchof the O’Connor family that we fell in love with in Liam and Jocelyn’s story The O’Connor men are not trying to take away their women’s independence, they just naturally want to protect and keep them safe, but each seems to be strongwilled and sassy These relationships and marriages involve domestic discipline with lots of spankings in a loving way I look forward to the next book in this series. [[ FREE E-PUB ]] ⇯ Ranchers Creed (Ciaran OConnor Book 2) ↙ Successful rancher, Ciaran O’Connor, lives his life by established principles, and is thankful to have found someone to share those standards with him; his fiancée, Katherine Franklin They seem to have everything a young couple dreams of; a new home, money, family, security, and an agreed upon lifestyle that might not fit everyone, but which fits them Unfortunately, Katie has a past full of secrets and she has decided that she will not jeopardize what she has finally found with Ciaran by sharing them But secrets have a way of making themselves known, and when Katie’s secrets threaten to unravel the fairytale life they have started together, she knows it is time to come clean She respects her husband's creed and his determination to keep her safe, but finds herself struggling with doubts Will the seeds they've begun to sow blossom and take root, or will Katherine's secrets tear them apart? Will her new husband toss her aside when he learns about her past? Ciaran's worries about his love have escalated as she becomes and withdrawn He wants nothing than to make life perfect for her, but learns he cannot do it alone How many trips across his knee will it take before Katherine learns that his love is unflagging? He knows that the love they share is strong enough to fight Katherine's demons—but can she trust in herself enough to take a chance? I liked the story, the big family, and the obvious love and devotion between the family members I also liked all the Gaelic terms of endearment What I didn't like as much was that the story dragged for me because the couple kept rehashing the same issue of trust and honesty over and over again Each time the issue came up there would be lots of talking with promises to change, but then the same thing would come up again I know it is hard to write about issues of trust, because they are never easy to resolve, but I got bored with the lack of success They needed to resolve it, once and for all, or move on. Rancher’s Creed continues the O’Connor family story, and that of Katie, who has married into the family and brought with her some serious fears about her relationship with a dominant husband Her husband, Ciaran, is an extremely loving and understanding man and most of the book focuses on how he gradually weans her away from her fears The story is warm and interesting, and the sex and spankings are described in a loving way The story follows “His Gentle Persuasion” and would makesense to someone who has read that book, first. I have really enjoyed Ayssa Bailey's O'Connor series This is a continuation of Kate and Ciaran's story They are beginning life as a married couple who will practice a DD lifestyle Kate is still a little skittish is the beginning, but Ciaran is so gentle and persuasive that all falls into place Even when Kate hits a low depression, Ciaran seems to handle it all These books are very sweet and I really enjoy the stories. Very sweetThis was such a sweet romance Katie was her own worst enemy by trying to be brave and independent and keeping Ciaran at arms length He was always as patient as could be and finally broke through her walls They were so sweet together Great family dynamics added some depth to the story. Book two in subseries of O'Connor series Katie and Ciaran marry and settle into their new routines as the ranch grows The O'Connor family is settling around the ranch as other brothers finish college Katie is still haunted by her demons of the past Stuart makes an appearance Excellent domestic discipline romance Learning to submit, yet retain the spirit and self. I enjoyed this book a lot It was my first read in this series and now I need to go back and read her other works I loved the family dynamics and Ciaran was a good man Loved his Irish endearments! Enjoyable story Katie and Ciaran are an interesting couple.