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senoa this is the face of my atheism weeping ALSKFHLJalso this issue is pretty af And THE DRAGON SCENE HAHAHAHA Oh, the bitter agony How will I handle having to wait soooooo long for the next installment I absolutely loved this one These characters are so unbelievably badass So looking forward to seeing the heart to heart conversation between Dee and Hannah AWESOME STORY AWESOME ARTWORK AWESOME CHARACTERS AWESOME COMIC Totally, completely and hopelessly in love with this comic I just do not care for the illustrator in these last few releases. To update my review from 11, Tess Fowler has definitely made this book her own, and while I had my apprehensions before, she has abated them While her style is different than previous artists, which took me a bit to adjust to, hers is strong and creative Minor creative tweaks to characters have given them a new sense of personality and life that wasn t there before She is a boon for the series and I look forward to seeing what new life she breathes into the world. [ Epub ] ♔ Rat Queens #14 ☣ Hannah is reunited with her father for the first time in many years and in a way she never could have expected Whilst still not living up to the dizzying promise of the early issues, there s fun to be had with this series Ominous cover for the next issue Do dragons like their ducks tickled Nough said I, like most dragons, do NOT eat humanoids What uh why not Same reason you don t eat dogs Those adorable eyes. Unfortunately, this series is nowhere near as good as when it started I keep reading in the hope it starts a return to form. Loved the parts with the dragon The rest of this chapter was just blaaaaah.