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When I saw this one and the second book at the library I just knew I had to get them I knew that I read some of the books of this series many years ago and that I really liked them And I also love graphic novels so I just had to try this one out.Sadly, while the story is good as expected , it flows all correctly sometimes graphic novels shorten stuff get rid of stuff and it might get confusing , the characters are interesting, the art just plain sucked I am sorry to say this, but I just hated the art in here and I have to deduct stars for it At times it was hard to see characters or background, at times people just looked like zombies or monsters straight out of a nightmare Maybe some people will like this style of lots of shading, lots of crude lines, but I am just not the girl for it For instance that medium woman Instead of looking blind, she looked like a zombie about to eat some nomnom Matt breakfast It just creeped me out too much Matt himself At times he looks like a man made out of blocks, at times he looks like a child, at times he looks like a teenager and at times I didn t know what I was looking at Often people looked like something risen from some kind of nuclear apocalypse with zombies , other times they looked like pandas who thought it was a good idea to shade the eyes dark all around It is a real shame, graphic novels do rely on their art hence, graphic novels and not novels.But the story is great as like I said, is expected and I was delighted to read about Matt again The first part of the graphic novel was even with the time that passed still familiar, but luckily the ending was not The story was really creepy, old ladies who will kill anyone standing in their way, a whole creepy village of doom and much much It was really interesting to see Matt find out about his past, find out about what he was, and to see him fight Of course, Matt was a typical teenager Often not wanting to do stuff, often complaining and whining Though I can slightly understand that, being forced to work, no one believing you, having all kind of scary stuff happening, anyone would complain or say Thanks, but no thanks , so Matt was a really good character, and I hope we will see him in the next one again I am guessing yes, considering the ending, but it has been a long long time since I read the books Would I recommend this book Not really sure On the one hand it has a lot of greatness, but the art, the art just sucks, so I think I will just pick the safe road and say that people should read the books, and not this graphic novel For me I will still read the second graphic novel, see if the art improves, and if not, then I will just stop after the second graphic novel Review first posted at While I really like the normal novel, I can t help but feel this adaptation has lost a lot of what makes it great I would have much preferred it id the drawings had been in colour instead of black and white It just makes the whole thing look a lot nicer.Also I found it really annoying when Matt s thoughts are put as if he is saying them when I know for a fact he is not, and not only that, it would look really weird if he were saying them Good story, just wish it had been adapted better. Thi book is raven s gate the graphic novel In the beginning , one person was framed into the police station this person name is matt In the middle the man was released for innocence, so he learned that it was a sinister society in this story have many bad person too for example A bad guy robbed the grandmother, but because the grandmother of the superb, kill the bad guys In the end the Matt the station wins the bad guys i think this book is interesting I like it. I have mix review about this book I liked the story but I don t know if truly enjoyed this book I was expecting awesome graphic but it felt flat Pros As some creepy face drawings But nothing so bizarre about it The plot is ok, but it has the been there done that vibeOne book one episode Meaning you can buy this book and still able to understand and get the whole concept The story just doesn t hang in a cliff hanger in the middle If you don t buy the next its still ok.Cons The Monotone art was not very impressive I wish they had used Monochrome style instead The plain black and white graphic did very little to grab my attention.I felt like the designer artist only paid attention to certain detail but mainly the rest of it was just mehAfter awhile the plot got very predictable for me and the art was not stunning and I felt bored while reading it I m disappointed because I felt like it would have awesome potential if only the graphic was august I might not continue with this series Loved the story and I am giving it 5 stars but the graphics get only 3 stars from me It was all done in black and white I would have preferred some splashes of color here and there though It would have made everything visually appealing and exciting Just saying With that said, I look forward to reading the novel next time. I don t think they will ever get a graphic novel based off a book right I have read Alex rider graphics and they look like their characters but the storyline is completely different Then you have this book The storyline is exactly the same as the book but the characters do not look right It is like they cannot get both of them right It is either one or other. I ve read Anthony Horowitz s version of this book before so I was familiar with the story but the illustrations really brought it alive Very enjoyable fantasy Would love to read the others in the series. My first graphic novel Not bad at all. Read this in 1 sitting Found it in a coffee shop, sat down with a tea and read until it was finished loved it, wish I had volume 2 `DOWNLOAD BOOK ↷ Raven's Gate Graphic Novel (Power of Five) ↡ This is an atmospheric graphic novel adaptation of the number 1 bestseller Raven s Gate , from the creator of Alex Rider Sent to Yorkshire on a rehabilitation programme, Matt Freeman finds himself in the midst of a sinister conspiracy of witchcraft and murder He uncovers a terrible secret the Old Ones monstrous godlike beings once banished from our world are trying to return Matt is about to discover that he alone stands between the forces of evil and the annihilation of humanity Featuring striking, high contrast black and white art with vibrant splashes of colour, this distinctive graphic novel captures the brooding atmosphere of the bestselling book.