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OMG LOVING THIS HOT SEXY F Shanora thanks for the free read would have paid for this girl but thanks to negative Nancies couldn t find this onThese peeps my have made youfamous this is a very hot read for sure will wait for your next instalments as they come in Just loving this damn story what afreakin cliffy Keep rockn girl *DOWNLOAD EBOOK ↷ Release Me ↡ I know I deserve better, but I can t stop thinking about himI ve spent so many months alone Being with him makes me feel good about myself After all that happened, I should be running far away from Mr Montero, but for some reason I can t help but cling to him Yes, I have my issues, my flaws I m only humanAnd he s just a man A man I ve just so happened to fall forA man full of lies and way too many secretsA man I shouldn t even have in my life, but instead I m sticking aroundWhy Because, as I ve said before, I m not okay I have issues I m not sane I can be so foolish at timesI like my time spent with himBut how long will this last With each day, it gets and difficult It gets harder to be around a man who isn t willing to tell me the truthOne day I know I ll deserve I know I ll deserve better And, who knows Maybe that day will be sooner rather than later