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This was kind of a strange book but it would be good for kids learning body parts The three month old sat through it reasonably well Very good My daughter learns both socially and kinesthetic ways, so a book that went over varied resting spots and how to help them rest was right up her alley She thought this book was funny a bellybutton resting place WHAT giggles A good night of rest followed this book and I will be reading close to bedtime or naptime again to remember that resting sometimes is helped by being still. One of my favorite childhood books Make sure to do Grovers voice while reading it to your child This innovative children s book was one of my favourites when I was small because of its interactive and humorous nature The creative idea of having the reader rest various body parts on designated portions of the book makes this a great bedtime story for young children Filled with vibrant colours and a lovable Sesame Street character, this book is one I would recommend to anyone with kids in the appropriate age range. A favorite of mine as a kid, but kind of a weird book in retrospect Basically, this is a great primer on mindfulness for kids As the book progresses, friendly and lovable Grover reminds readers to bring attention to certain parts of their body and coax it to relax. Grover looks for resting places He finds places to rest his elbow, nose, chin, etc A fun book for young children to interact with, since each resting place is designed for the reader to also rest their elbow, nose, chin, etc. I don t remember whether or not I read this when I was little, but Grover s book of Resting Places is super cute Probably not a good read aloud, but definitely would be a good bedtime story. *Ebook ⇨ Resting Places (Sesame Street) ↻ When elbows, thumbs, ears, and even belly buttons get tired, Grover has the perfect solution a resting place for each part of the body He invites children to try them out by placing their own elbows, etc right on the shapes indicated on the pages of this imaginative book This book was one of my favorite books growing upI need to find a copy of it so that I can have it to keep for my own childrenwhen I eventually have some. My son loved it, cute