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{DOWNLOAD PDF} ¹ Risk and Rivalry:Iran, Israel and the Bomb õ As Iran s nuclear progress continues and negotiations fail to reach a breakthrough, the threat of an Israeli preventive strike on Iran s nuclear facilities grows In Risk and Rivalry Israel, Iran and the Bomb, authors Dr Colin H Kahl, Melissa G Dalton and Matthew Irvine argue that despite the abhorrent threats by some Iranian leaders to wipe Israel off the map, the actual behavior of the Islamic Republic over the past three decades indicates that the regime is not suicidal and is sufficiently rational for nuclear deterrence The report finds that a nuclear armed Iran would be a much dangerous adversary but that Iran is unlikely to deliberately use nuclear weapons, or transfer a nuclear device to terrorists to use, against Israel The authors recommend that while preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons should remain an urgent priority, rushing into preventive war would risk making the threat worse and force should be seen as a last resort