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.Free Epub ♄ Rufus ☹ RUFUS is a wildlife story laid in the Rocky Mountains of theWest It is the story of a young bobcat and his struggle to survive in thewildernessThe reader first meets Rufus as a lone, wandering youngster who has justleft his mother and now has to depend upon himself for food and shelterNow that he is out on his own, Rufus begins living his life the only way heknows how, by hunting He stakes out a territory and becomes a skillfulhunter, preferring to make his meals of brush rabbits and fat mice Rufus,like all other wild animals is forced to obey the laws of the wild thatdecree that the strong shall survive to maintain the balance of natureAs Rufus grows and matures he has number of exciting adventures including anencounter with a party of hunters and a pack of hounds, a flash flood, theraiding of a sheep camp, an avalanche, a struggle with a porcupine, a narrowescape from a pack of hungry gray wolves, and the search for a mateEventually Rufus finds a mate and settles down to the responsibilities of afamily He now must find food for than just himself Feeding a familybecomes a real struggle as times become difficult when a rabbit plagueoccurs and forces the bobcat family to exist at the starvation levelThroughout this thrilling story, Mr Montgomery s observations anddescriptions paint an interesting and accurate picture of the habits andtraits of a bobcat and his family RUFUS is a book to be read and enjoyed bynature lovers of all ages