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~E-PUB ♱ Take It Like a Man Anthology ☢ They Say That Size Doesn T Matter, But For Some, Size Is All That Matters If That S You, Take It Like A Man Has Got You Covered We Re Ready To Stretch You To The Limit With Big Boys And Big Toys Galore In Just What The Doctor Ordered From Lorne Rodman, Doctor Gregg Has A Prescription For Sam To Cure What Ails Him Dylan Mackenzie Leads A Secret Double Life, But An Unexpected Encounter At The Private BDSM Club He Frequents Is About To Change Everything In Mychael Black S Just A Little Bit More In Too Good By T Strange, Josh Is Thrilled When A Hot Guy Goes Home With Him, But He S Not Sure That Roy Is Telling Him Everything Casey Is Resigned To Playing Piano In Swanky Hotels And Bars, Until His Ex, Derek, Turns Up In BA Tortuga S Monkey Suit In Lily G Blunt S The Perfect Size For You , The Well Endowed Ty Takes On An Inexperienced Client And Breaks The First Rule Of Rent Boys Don T Get Attached And Hammer Club Fans Will Be Thrilled To See Marcus And Jim Joining Billy And Tanny In Sean Michael S The Games We Play I like anthologies, short stories, usually find a new author or two But, it s also very hit and miss finding that new author amongst tales that just don t do if for you..and this was unfortunately miss than hit for me The blurb was intriguing..6 short stories where size mattersright or wrongflip top heads advisable..The first story started off okay, bit of a giggle at the embarrassment factor..but then one too many man and honey platitudes that became overly irraritatting I felt a couple of the stories needed a back track of bow chick a wow wow, one was a BDSM not my thang but obviously from a series with established characters, so struggled to identify with the MC s There was one that had potential, but de railed quickly..when you start paying your rent boy porn star boyfriend a 1 fee each time you see each other..WTF The only one I enjoyed was by BA Tortuga, Monkey Suit It was a second chance of an established couple, a little cutesy, but hawt So, new author to read then.Overall, it Size queens, this one s for you I liked some stories than others, as usual. A Joyfully Jay review.4 starsLots of people might say size doesn t matter, but not the men in these stories Take It Like A Man is a collection of short stories all featuring men with a love for big boys and big toys There s a doctor who writes a prescription to try the real thing instead of a toy There s a slave auction where the boy on the block gets than he bargained for with both the buyer and the scene There s a birthday surprise for a size queen, but the well endowed man of his dreams might just be too good to be true There s a lovers reunited story where musicians at completely different points in their careers must learn to make their lives fit together as well as their bodies do There s a rent boy who gets far too attached to a particular client and the client s package And there s two 3.9 StarsI was in the mood for hard and ranchy, dirty fun This anthology had that, but with a sweet and romantic aspect than I expected Not that I m complaining if anything, several of the short stories whetted my appetite for the novels series titles they were part of or introductions to. Review written for Love Bytes Reviews.ANTHOLOGY REVIEW From toys to plugs to extremely well endowed men, this anthology has a little, or big, something for everyone There was a good variety offered here and I liked the majority of the stories which made this a worthwhile read for me Most of the stories are sho Read for the 2014 Pushing Boundaries Challenge.As in all anthologies, some good, some bad Mostly good though in this one with a unique topic size queens Funny and cute and shy Enjoyable 1st read Mar 1, 20142nd read Apr 23, 2016 Just What the Doctor Ordered by Lorne Rodman 2.0Just a Little Bit More by Mychael Black 4.0To Good by T Strange 2.5Monkey Suit by BA Tortuga 3.0The Perfect Size for You by Lily Blunt 1.5The Games We Play by Sean Michael 4.0 1 Just What the Doctor Ordered by Lorne Rodman 4 stars, review here2 Just a Little Bit More by Mychael Black 4 stars, review here3 Too Good by T Strange 3 stars, review here4 Monkey Suit by B.A Tortuga 4 stars, review here5 The Perfect Size for You by Lily G Bl