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[[ E-pub ]] ↬ The Burglar And The Prince (Ashter Empire Book 1) ☝ Erika, a burglar has been caught in one of her burglaries Except instead of the city guard, it s an old scheming Lord whose men capture her And instead of the dungeon she is expecting, she is taken to the seat of the government and treated as an esteemed guest The old Lord wants her to impersonate a young lady from a noble family and steal something for him In return, he wouldn t disclose her secret and help her maintain it She agreed easily as the life of a noble was a luxurious life she had never known, only seen from afar She just hadn t known that stealing something would be so difficult, bordering on the impossible Prince Arzan Ashter was the crown prince of the Ashter Empire Wanting to prove his worth to himself and to others, he starts a campaign against one of the Ashter Empire s main rivals After he has won a great victory, he finds a lady of a prestigious house working as a maid for him Intrigued, he lets her continue her deception, although he has his men keep an eye on her A novel set in a fantasy world with it s own magic system Magic is a power inside nobles who use runes to define the path of the magic and get the wanted results It is exclusive only to nobles and they use it for every activitywords