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For a book claiming to be science based and by an eminent researcher, there was far too much anecdotal evidence and inspiring stories to prove the facts behind it I felt it was considerably dumbed down to make itaccessible, which I typically find patronising. Amanda has an amazing and clear way of writing and what she says makes perfect sense It also helps that she has the science to back it up. Abandoned only because it was a library book and I ve just today bought Amanda s latest book. *Free Epub ⇯ The Don't Go Hungry Diet ☜ Staying satisfied while dieting is the key to beating the famine reaction, the body s method of protecting itself when it perceives a significant food shortage This insightful resource explains the science behind the famine reaction, and includes vital information on how anyone can control and repress the body s negative reactions to diet Notes on nutrition and exercise plusdelicious, healthy recipes are also provided This is the ultimate, tried and tested guide to working with both body and mind to lose weight safely and permanently