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@Read Book è The Initiation (Milked by Royalty, #1) ë Julia Dorne just wants to extend her visa With her classes ending and her return to the US seemingly imminent, she swears she ll do anything to remain in the country she s come to love And nothing would please the lord of Farthington Hall Lord James Ashe is handsome, rich, and powerful, but than that, he s Julia s only hope for remaining in England When he gives her the option of entering his service, she signs up for a week long trial contract to work in his dairy, but little does she know he doesn t want her to milk his cows He wants her to become one MILKED BY ROYALTY PART ONE THE INITIATION is an 8,500 word erotic tale featuring sometimes reluctant human cows, rapid breast expansion, and lots and lots of milking.This is a work of fiction meant for an adult audience The author does not condone or endorse any of the behaviors carried out by its characters For longer works featuring human cow and other pet play themes, consider reading the author s other works including the 53,000 word BDSM erotic novel, HIS BLACK PEARL, and MILKED INTO THRALL, a 25,000 word erotica containing elements of bondage, lactation, human cow training, and tons of milking.