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Found my new guilty read Lovely combination of Maeve Binchy and Penny Vincenzi Will endeavor to read all 22 books following the Morland dynasty I just gobble this stuff up D After the Franco Prussian War, one of the young Morland women resolves to become a doctor Not an impossible task in Victorian England, but a difficult one Meanwhile, other family members have their own troubles. #DOWNLOAD ⚹ The Mirage â High Victorian Age Franco Prussian WarGeorge inherits Morland Place just before his majority, and though he believes himself than equal to the challenge, he falls victim to the penniless but determined Miss Turlingham He marries her against advice, and embarks on a spending spree the estate cannot afford to satisfy his new bride In London, Charlotte s daughter Venetia, inspired by what she witnessed in Berlin during the Franco Prussian war, is determined to become a doctor But society is not ready to let women join the profession, and her struggle seems doomed to failure the continuing saga of the moorland family Benedict dies in Egypt and George inherits moorland he marries Alfreda Turlingham whose brother kit runs up a lot of debts Venetia would like to become a doctor but is unable to find a place as she is a woman Venetia gets a place at st agthas but she does not use her proper name Henerietta George s sister marries a mr fortescue Kit dies in terrible circumstances. At this point, things are getting very complicated in the Morland family line I m missing the order of the manor itself The storyline in this episode seems very similar to one set earlier The wife doesn t like the Morlands, has married for unaltruistic reasons, etc. If this had been the first book of the series I would have never read anyof them The characters were not likeable and boring One wonders who her role models are for so many unattractive, dysfunctional and insensitive human beings for her characters. Much better than the reviews and summary made it sound This started off a bit slowly, but improved with Venetia s story The last 100 or so pages was very dramatic I generally enjoy this series, but one thing I hate about it is when a character suddenly starts acting in a way that s completely opposite of how they were depicted previously Charlotte s husband and Venetia s father After supporting Charlotte s hospital work and nursing in the Crimea, Oliver suddenly becomes a domestic tyrant in this book What the actual F Not so interestingThe first few books were gripping but I found this one too far fetched and predictable It is the first one I have not enjoyed.